5 Reasons to Believe Trump And Republicans Act Unchristian

5 Reasons to Believe Trump And Republicans Act Unchristian January 31, 2018

post 42 Trump unchristian statue libertyRepublicans are  viewed as a party of Bible-loving Christians. But are their Christian values reflected in their actions and policies?

I often see them holding signs for Jesus in one hand and the US flag on the other- as if Jesus was American, or as if America is for Christ-lovers only.

It seems the party is fast becoming less diverse and increasingly white men’s party, despite conscious efforts by part leaders to change that perception.

But is it just a perception?

The data indicates it is a reality.

I must admit at the outset that I am stepping outside of my comfort zone, as this is not my  “specialty”. What’s this ‘born-again Muslim’ thinking by calling Christians un-Christian, or writing about politics?

Well, sometimes the religion and politics cannot be separated.

According to the Roper Center for Public Opinion research at Cornell University, Trump’s support was the highest among the white men and the lowest among minorities- by a very large margin. [1]

Group       Trump vs Clinton

Men               53%            41%

Women        42%            54%

Whites          58%           37%

Blacks           8%              88%

Hispanics    29%            65%

Asians           27%            65%

Income         41%             53%

below 50k

Support among Evangelicals:

Evangelical overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump during the 2016 elections.

His support remains high even after the election. In a Pew Research Center’s poll in April 2017, over three quarters of the evangelicals gave him the thumbs up, much higher than the rest of the nation. The support was the highest among the church going evangelicals.[2]

This overwhelming support by evangelicals for Trump is nothing new. This Pew Research Center shows that the Republicans have enjoyed their support going as far back as George W Bush.[3]

In contrast, only about 25% of the American Jews voted for Trump in 2016, according to Times of Israel.[4] Similar results were found by the Pew poll cited (see footnote 3) and many other sources.

According to CAIR- Council on American-Islamic Relations, only13% American Muslims voted for Trump.[5]

The data shows that the religion and politics are indeed not separable.

Even though Republican Party claims to be the flag bearer for the values taught by Jesus, their actions and policies seem to contradict their religious beliefs.

Here are the 5 reasons to believe their actions don’t reflect the Biblical teachings.

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