The Verdict Is In: Judge Kavanaugh is Unfit for Supreme Court

 The Verdict Is In: Judge Kavanaugh is Unfit for Supreme Court September 30, 2018

While the FBI investigates the validity of Dr. Christine Blaisey Ford’s allegation of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh, I have come to the conclusion regardless of FBI’s eventual findings: He is unfit as a Supreme Court judge. That much was clear after his performance at the Senate’s Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

Whether he sexually assaulted Dr. Ford when they were both in high school or not, that’s up to FBI investigators to find out. The investigation should continue to find the truth, to make sure the allegation of sexual misconduct is fully investigated. He deserves it, Dr. Ford deserves it and the nation deserves it. If he did it, justice will be served. If he did not, his name needs to be cleared once and for all.
Given the circumstances, I have a feeling the FBI investigation will be inconclusive. After all, there was only one other eyewitness that day, according to Dr. Ford. That person is Mark Judge, who has agreed to cooperate with the FBI. According to Dr. Ford’s testimony at the Judiciary committee, Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge closed the door and she found Kavanaugh on top of her. What she “remembers the most” is him laughing while sexually assaulting her.  She further went on to say that both of them were ‘having fun at her expanse’. At the very least, Mark Judge was an accomplice, as per Dr. Ford’s testimony. This is a story that Brett Kavanaugh has denied vehemently and repeatedly. At this time it is ‘he said, she said’, even though most people have already taken a side.
If Dr. Ford is to be believed, what are the odds that Mark Judge will admit to his presence and corroborate Dr. Ford’s story? Wouldn’t this incriminate Mark judge?

But back to the original question: Should Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed as the Supreme Court Judge?
The FBI investigation will take up to one week to complete, but when it comes to the matter of confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh nomination as the Supreme Court judge, the jury is already out: He is not fit for this high position.
He is not fit because of his ill temper at the senate hearing. For showing a temperament during the hearing that is unbecoming of any judge, albeit a Judge at the highest position in the nation. He was belligerent, even cross questing the senators-a highly unusual behavior during such hearing. He even asked one of the senators who was questioning about his drinking habits, “do you drink beer?” He was evasive to many of the questions and his body language was one of defiance, and he appeared unhinged often, and an out of control angry man at other times.
I can understand his anger completely if he is innocent, and sees his whole body of work, his reputation and his legacy being ruined-in public. But I expect anyone in his position to control his emotions a little better, while still making his case and expressing his unhappiness.

He also has appeared to lie. It is clear he used to drink in high school and defended it by saying it was legal to drink at the time in his state. The legal age was raised from 18 to 21 in year 1982 but AFTER the alleged incidence and his drinking in his junior and senior year. So he was under 18 when he drank and he should have known this.Not saying that someone with prior alcohol issues cannot hold an important post. But having a Supreme Court judge with problem drinking in high school (and possibly beyond) is troublesome to say the least.
Then came the bombshell, as far as I am concerned. In his opening statement he goes on to accuse the Clintons, the Democratic party and anti-Trump camp of conspiracy.

This whole two-week effort has been a calculated and orchestrated political hit fueled with apparent pent-up anger about President Trump and the 2016 election, fear that has been unfairly stoked about my judicial record, revenge on behalf of the Clintons and millions of dollars in money from outside, left-wing opposition groups. This is a circus.

In a span of 30 seconds he proved to me that he cannot be a Supreme Court judge, despite his ‘stellar record’, and even if he is not guilty of sexual misconduct.(A charge that should be fully investigated nonetheless). A Supreme Court judge is supposed to behave in a certain way, unlike how he presented himself by repeatedly blasting off. To be clear, I am not a fan of many of these politicians from both parties. Many of them are career politicians and a reason as to why people are tired of the Washington politics.

But a Supreme Court Judge cannot be so blatantly politically aligned. I understand many of the Supreme Court judges were nominated on their political ideology and their position on issues such as Roe vs Wade, but to come out swinging like this, and accuse a major political part of conspiracy is unheard of. After making these serious allegations, he gave no evidence to support his accusations- and he is supposed to be a Judge at the Supreme Court? It makes you wonder about his ability to judge without prejudice. What happens if a case that is supported by Democrats is brought to to the Supreme Court in future? His impartiality is completely shot.

I know he said he believes in God, when asked by Senator Kennedy. That’s something I do believe is a very good thing. But in this case, that is not enough. He continued to boast himself whenever asked a specific question about his drinking or the accusation by redirecting the questions to something like ” I went to Yale”  or “I was on top of the class” and so on.

He simply cannot be considered an impartial judge anymore. His poor temperament and outburst, and his wild, politically charged accusations are two big reasons why he cannot be considered for the Supreme Court position.

It is bad enough to have the senate and the house of representatives be divided so sharply along the party line. Having a supreme court divided like that would be very troublesome.


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