General Wesley Clark- America is Going to War with Seven Countries

General Wesley Clark- America is Going to War with Seven Countries September 9, 2018

This post does not have much to do with theology or religious matters. It does not highlight the similarities of the Abrahamic faiths either. I have been thinking about whether I should share this video on my blog and after pondering for months, I decided to share it as believe some of the common values we all share are fairness, justice and peace. What you see on this video, as disclosed by former U.S. General Wesley Clark, goes against all of that. He discloses in an interview on Democracy Now, the USA’s plans to go to war with seven countries that he was told- back in 2001!

To be clear, this post is NOT anti-American. After all, it was shared by a 4-star American General to an American audience on an American TV show. It is also not anti Republican, or anti-Trump either. After all, the video shows both a Republican president and a Democrat president fulfilling the plan Commander Wesley Clark claims he heard shortly after 9/11. It has nothing to do with politics actually.

I still recall getting a phone call from my sister living in Vancouver, while I was still in bed asking me to turn the TV on to watch some breaking news. ( I live in the west coast, so it was still in bed, just about to wake up to go to work).I remember watching in horror the twin towers fall. I was still a little dazed and not fully awake, but the pictures were unbelievable, and they would have been even if I were fully awake. As we approach the 17th anniversary of 9/11 to commemorate the death of over 3000 innocent victims on that tragic day, we must also not forget that we can’t keep going to war with countries on the pretense of fighting war on terrorism. General Wesley Clark warns us all about starting yet another war with one of the seven countries mentioned on this interview. General Clark has since narrated this story on several other platforms, including Commonwealth Club.

I don’t know why this video has not gone viral, though I realize there are over a million viewers already. But this is got to be shocking for anyone who cares about innocent lives that have been, and will continue to be, lost in the wars that are often unnecessary, or anyone who cares about fairness and justice- and reason. There are millions of people who have been killed, injured, displaced from their homes and/or have lost their loved ones, with little hope for the future. Hopelessness is one of the worst things a human being can experience in life. Their countries are in chaos.

One of our moral and religious responsibilities is to speak up against oppression and injustice. Going to war with a whole nation, with all the death and destruction it brings,  for apparently no good reason is one of them.

It is interesting to note that many of the countries that were being planned to be attacked are the same countries included in the Trump travel ban.

And here is the same video with some commentary.


One of the readers pointed out a policy paper called “The clean break: a new strategy for securing the realm” for a background that can explain what Gen. Clark mentioned. It happened in 1996, as per Huff Post article referenced below.



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