Planetary Illuminations: astrological forecast for October

Planetary Illuminations: astrological forecast for October September 30, 2014

horoscope astrology forecast October 2014Can you believe it?  I am actually early this month, despite being on vacation.  Call it a rush to get things done before Mercury turns retrograde. You can read the article in its entirety here, and if you are on my mailing list you will receive a translation from astrologese into English that is simple to understand.  If you’re not yet on my mailing list you can sign up right here.

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Meanwhile, here is the introduction to get you started.  If you have any questions about how you are affected by these planetary cycles, visit my website to learn more about personal consultations.

October brings us the third pair of four total eclipses of the year including the second of four full moons that are being called a “Blood Moon Tetrad.” When the first of these “Blood Moons” occurred back in April I wrote this post about the biblical prophecy associated with this phenomenon. While I don’t personally believe that this tetrad of full moons will evoke any more chaos than is already occurring globally, I do think there is no doubt that emotions will run high and run hot during this time, making this an important time to remain conscious and present so as not to be swept away by the tide of intensity.

A beneficial trine from Saturn (responsibility, endurance) to Chiron (wounding and healing) helps to deepen our understanding and enable real healing at the heart of maelstrom. This is particularly helpful because the element of earth is poorly represented until Mars enters Capricorn later in the month and the stability to help us to find our center may be difficult to achieve.

We also have a Grand Fire Trine opening up, following the trine between Uranus and Jupiter that I wrote about here. Trines are usually thought to be beneficial and helpful, creating ease and opening doorways. But when Jupiter and Uranus are involved in a fire trine the boundaries of social behavior can be liberated in a way that is not always pleasant. This time be a fantastic time of creative inspiration and genius – where change and transformation come easily. But it can also fan the flames of the revolutionary energy that is sweeping around the world at the moment.

Mercury has slowed down in preparation for its retrograde turn on October 4th, and for about three weeks communication matters may not operate exactly as we intended. This is generally not the best time to start something new, despite the inspiration offered by Jupiter, Uranus and Mars! This is a good time to create the vision and the plan, and perhaps wait IF POSSIBLE until Mercury has turned direct to implement a new endeavor. (Waiting is not always possible!  In that case try to ensure that all details have been attended to, and expect glitches anyway!) read more here…

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