Jupiter trine Uranus at the Libra New Moon – The sky is the limit!

Jupiter trine Uranus at the Libra New Moon – The sky is the limit! September 24, 2014

Jupiter trine Uranus
Inspiration by Destiny Blue on DeviantArt

Between now and June of 2015, Jupiter and Uranus will be engaged in a harmonious dance that we call a trine aspect.  The trine links two or more planets in a 120 degree angle of mutual support and an easy flow.  A trine is like a relationship where everything just works.  There are no big challenges to overcome – no major crisis to unwind.

Jupiter and Uranus are the two freedom and liberation planets, and when they are linked together there is a powerful push to break through limitations and blockages.  But they operate very differently:  Jupiter is a personal planet, representing the inner urge of confidence, good fortune, and the desire to find meaning and happiness.  Uranus is a transpersonal planet, inspiring us to break free of restriction and achieve a more authentic and true expression of our life.  Expansion, innovation, self-awareness, changes in the energy body, a desire to live our truest life  – these are all elements of the Jupiter/Uranus trine.

Jupiter is in Leo now, and Uranus is in Aries, both fire signs.  The fire trine is more dynamic than some other trines which can be SO easy that they can create stasis and stagnation if not utilized properly.  A fire trine bestows plenty of physical energy and enthusiasm which, combined with the confidence and desire for expansion of Jupiter and the creative intelligence of Uranus can help us to push forwards to achieve our goals and desires.

The exact cycle will begin on September 25th.  The second phase will take place in March of 2015 and the cycle will conclude in June.  The planet Mars, currently in Sagittarius,  will join the dance as we move closer to the end of September and form a Grand Trine in fire signs.  The Grand Trine completes the triangle with the third planet, closing the formation.  This is generally a very comfortable aspect, but it is not very dynamic.  In a fire Grand Trine the fire energy, which is the fuel that inspires creativity and the chi that is the foundation of physical health, flows in a circle where it can become lost in an endless cycle instead of pushing through blockages to create movement and change.

This Jupiter/Uranus trine is embedded in the chart for the Libra New Moon on September 24th.  This is the start of a new lunar cycle with all its excitement and creative potential.  In Libra the New Moon is focused on relationships, balance, harmony and equality.  Venus is the ruler of Libra, and in the New Moon chart Venus is unaspected – it is not connected to any other planet at that time.  This suggests that the focus now is on aligning in partnership while retaining that freedom and autonomy inspired by both Jupiter and Uranus.

During the upcoming week you can take advantage of the Fire Grand Trine by allowing its creative inspiration to help you to take the actions required to help you to achieve your goals and dreams.  The Jupiter/Uranus trine itself will last a bit longer, into the second week of October so the inspiration will continue to linger.

All is possible now if we believe in what we already know to be true.  The potential for a magnificent life of creative potential is always within reach.

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