Mars enters Cancer and the summer heats up

Mars enters Cancer and the summer heats up July 14, 2013

mars in cancer 2013Mars in Cancer, July 13 – August 27, 2013 Tomorrow I will post on the Zimmerman verdict and what it means in the current planetary climate, but on Sundays I try to keep an inspirational focus rather than delve into politics and ugliness. Mars entered Cancer July 13, 2013 and tempers are likely to flare over the next few weeks.  Mars is in Cancer every two years or s0, and because Mars is the planet of aggression and drive it is not very comfortable in the emotional sign of Cancer.  When anger and emotional sensitivity combine there can be one of two results:  at its best, we are more sensitive and nurturing of others (Cancer) in taking our own needs into consideration (Mars).  But Mars is by its very nature a self-centered planet and this rarely occurs, so more often we become angry (Mars) at the need to watch out for the feelings of others (Cancer).  Our emotions (Cancer) may become tinged with anger and frustration (Mars) if frustration is permitted to build up. While Mars is in Cancer, especially over the next two weeks (through the first week in August), it will be setting off the Uranus/Pluto square (see the sidebar for more information if this is new to you, or for a refresher).  But first Mars aligns with Jupiter, expanding (Jupiter) the aggressive force (Mars) and adding confidence and self-righteousness (Jupiter) to our already touchy expression of needs and anger (Mars).   This dynamic will peak on the 21st (and the Moon will be involved on that day too), so over the next week it will be important to get enough physical activity so that the energy of Mars, which is expanded now by Jupiter and and without an easy outlet in Cancer, can be channeled productively. During this time it is extremely important to be fully aware of the flow of emotions within us.  This is made easier by the watery Grand Trine (see the link in the sidebar for more information) but is crucial to our successful management of the planetary intensity of the next two weeks.  Mars is tied not only to the challenging Uranus/Pluto dynamic, but also to the harmonious watery Grand Trine so it is a crucial player in our inner and outer worlds right now. When we are unaware of how we feel and why we feel that way we become reactive to stimuli.  With Mars in Cancer interacting with first Jupiter, then Uranus and Pluto, this reactivity will become more and more intense and we may find that we attract experiences in our outer world to reflect what we fail to see within. If we find ourselves feeling agitated or angry for apparently no reason, or if we find that others around us are expressing that anger for us, there is an emotional component within us that is demanding that we pay attention.  The reactivity of Mars makes introspection more difficult, but spending some time deepening our connection to the feelings that flow through our heart right now will be extremely helpful in aiding us to gain the most from the planetary intensity of the next few weeks. Mars can be uncomfortable for those of us who seek peace – it is an easier planet for the more fiery types who are typically energized and active.  Still, we can all benefit from Mars if we use its energy constructively – it inspires and motivates us through desire and activates us to pursue our dreams.  For the next few weeks, however, it will take a little extra care to navigate successfully.

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