Planetary Illuminations: Astrological forecast for July 2015

Planetary Illuminations: Astrological forecast for July 2015 July 1, 2015

July astrological forecast7/1 Venus conjunct Jupiter

– Sun trine Neptune
– Full Moon 9 Capricorn, 10:19 pm EDT
7/2 Mercury sextile Uranus
7/3 Mercury square Chiron
– Mercury sextile Jupiter
7/5 Mercury sextile Venus
7/6 Sun opposite Pluto
7/8 Mercury enters Cancer
– Mars trine Neptune
7/12 Sun square Uranus
7/13 Mercury trine Neptune
– Sun trine Chiron
7/14 Venus square Saturn
7/15 Mars opposite Pluto
– Mercury opposite Pluto
– New Moon 23 Cancer 9:24 pm EDT
7/16 Mercury conjunct Mars
7/18 Mercury square Uranus
7/19 Mercury trine Chiron
7/21 Sun trine Saturn
7/22 Mercury trine Saturn
7/22 Sun enters Leo
7/23 Mercury enters Leo
– Sun conjunct Mercury
7/25 Venus turns retrograde
– Mars square Uranus
7/26 Mars trine Chiron
– Uranus turns retrograde
7/31 Full Moon 8 Aquarius 6:43 am EDT
– Venus enters Leo

All dates and times are for Eastern time zone – please adjust for your own locality. 


During July there are no interactions between any of the slower moving outer planets that create intensive energies of change, but the challenging square  (90 degree angle) between Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction).  Dances between Jupiter and Saturn often create restriction in financial markets, and the first exact square alignment occurs in early August.  This cycle will continue through May/June of 2016.

Venus turns retrograde on July 25th and will be stationary for a week or so before the change of direction and remain retrograde until September 8th.  Venus rules not only love and beauty, but also describes the things we value and attract.  Therefore, it is involved in matters of wealth accumulation and personal possessions – anything that provides a sense of security.  During Venus retrograde cycles it is not uncommon to reconnect with old friends and rediscover loved ones, or repair relationships that need it.  During the retrograde period Venus will align with Jupiter three times, creating an atmosphere of beauty and joy that will help to offset the Saturn effect described above.

Uranus also turns retrograde this month but its stationary period lasts a bit longer – usually about two weeks.  Uranus will remain retrograde until December 25th, giving us plenty of time to re-examine areas of our life that require change.  Uranus is retrograde every year for about six months so this is not an unusual occurrence.


July begins with a Full Moon in Capricorn, and you can read more about that here.

Meanwhile Mercury (the Mind) is very active during the first two weeks of the month.  On the 2nd, a harmonious sextile to both Uranus (radical behavior) and Jupiter (liberation) reignites the trine between those two planets that has stimulated open dialogue and positive change over the past two weeks.  This alignment opens the mind and stimulates a desire for change that is encouraged by a harmonious sextile to Venus as well, bringing greater connection between the mind (Mercury) and our feelings about the world (Venus).  However, a challenging square from Mercury to Chiron (wounding and healing) on the 3rd could bring up some unpleasant feelings that are rooted in the past.

On the 6th an opposition between the Sun (illumination) and Pluto (destruction and rebirth) could bring about a breakdown of some kind, but only for a day or two.  The Mercury influence will facilitate greater understanding of any event that occurs under this influence. Still, Uranus and Pluto are within a few days of each other and a challenging square from the Sun to Uranus on the 12th amplifies a desire for change and disruption of routine.  This entire week could bring about challenges to our settled lives as new elements are introduced to help us to continue to grow.

Mercury enters Cancer on July 8th, and for a few weeks the mind will operate through the lens of feelings – the famous Cancerian sensitivity will color all of your thoughts and ideas.  This is a more fertile and creative time and enables more successful emotional connections between people.  A harmonious trine from Mars to Neptune on the 8th opens the heart to greater understanding and compassion, although you may not feel as energetic as perhaps you would like.

On the 13th a harmonious trine from Mercury (mind) to Neptune (creativity) and a harmonious trine from the Sun (Self) to Chiron (healing) gives us a marvelous day for opening the heart and allowing the divine creative spark to flow through us.  Use it wisely!  On the 14th Venus will square Saturn and begin a challenging few days that culminate at the New Moon in Cancer on July 15th. During this time both Mars (aggression) and Mercury (mental awareness) form a challenging opposition to Pluto (death and regeneration) that will excavate the darkness of the subconscious and bring it into the light where it must be dealt with.  Hidden dramas and secret obsessions could come to light under this influence.

The New Moon in Cancer on the 15th is squared by Uranus, suggesting a breaking away from limitations and an emotional unrest that may create irritation and frustration and a need for excitement.  Mars and Mercury are opposite Pluto, stimulating power struggles (Mars/Pluto) and an obsessive mind and thought process (Mercury/Pluto).  These two dynamics can create tremendous focus, however – because a New Moon is an excellent time to create something new, and Cancer brings with it a fertile quality, the combination of energies suggest potential to birth something dramatically unique and powerful.

Mercury continues to be a strong influence over the next few days, energized by Mars on the 16th, disrupted by Uranus on the 16th, understanding old wounds for the purposes of healing with Chiron on the 19th, and finding a stable and structured modality of thinking on the 22nd.  Meditation will be even more helpful than usual during the New Moon on the 15th and for at least a week afterwards because of this exceptional level of mental activity.

The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd followed shortly thereafter by Mercury, bringing a focus on expanding the heart and learning to find joy in the small things in life.  A conjunction of the Sun to Mercury illuminates the mind and can be an aid to a practice of positivity.

Venus turns retrograde on the 25th, and a challenging square from Mars to Uranus that day could stimulate accidents and stressful conversations.  Mars/Uranus can be reckless and impulsive, especially with Uranus stationary as it prepares to turn retrograde, and being forewarned can forearm you to greater caution now.

We have a “Blue Moon” this month – a second Full Moon on the 31st.  This one is in Aquarius and takes place the day Venus retrogrades back into Cancer.  I’ll be writing more about this lunar event at Astrological Musings.

Have a wonderful month!

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