Big & Powerful Capricorn Full Moon: July 1, 2015

Big & Powerful Capricorn Full Moon: July 1, 2015 July 1, 2015

Full Moon July 1 2015
Photo manipulation by Amin Sedig from Moonipulations

Today’s Full Moon in Capricorn is a big and powerful one, amplified by both Mars and Pluto which are moving into a dance of opposition which will culminate on the 15th of July.

The Capricorn Full Moon brings our focus to the material world and encourages us to apply discipline and structure to our lives so that we can create something of meaning – something that will last beyond our small and mortal life.  The Moon is opposed by the Sun in Cancer, so we find ourselves dancing in the polarity between Cancer and Capricorn.  On the one hand we have the Sun in Cancer, encouraging us on the conscious level to develop a rich inner world of feelings and emotions and the links between our individual selves and the family of our heart and community.  On the other we have the Capricorn Moon, hardening the heart a bit so that greater achievement and accomplishment can occur.

In this Full Moon we have the luminary of the conscious Self (Sun) in the sign of the inner world (Cancer) and the luminary of the interior realm of emotions (Moon) in the sign of outer world focus (Capricorn).  There is a double whammy of polarities here which require balance between the emotions and feelings that drive us and enrich our world and the hard reality of life in a material world of accomplishment and production.

Applying even more pressure is the conjunction of the Moon to Pluto, and the Sun to Mars.  Emotions (Moon) are intensified (Pluto) and aggressive energy (Mars) is enhanced by the power of the Sun.  The alignment of Mars and Pluto will continue to tighten over the next two weeks, creating the potential for power conflicts and perhaps violence, but also stimulating the creative soul to unfold and emerge in its truest form.

Fortunately Neptune (spiritual compassion) is in an exact harmonious alignment with both the Sun and Moon, encouraging us to surrender any egoic limitations that might inhibit our growth at this time. A conjunction between Venus and Jupiter which has just culminated will continue to shine a light of beauty and harmony into any crevices of darkness to help soften the transformational process, and the trine from Uranus (radical innovation) to both Jupiter and Venus aids in the process of expansion and shifting our focus away from the past and into a renewed future.

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