Scotland votes for independence today

Scotland votes for independence today September 18, 2014

astrology Scotland independenceTwo years ago, when the planet of revolution and independence (Uranus) was in the full throes of its challenging aspect to the planet of endings and new beginnings (Pluto), I wrote this article about the upcoming challenge to Scotland’s 300-year union with Great Britain.

Today voters in Scotland have an opportunity to decide whether to secede from that union and form an independent government.

In the early days of the Uranus/Pluto square there was an international fervor for independence and autonomy (Uranus) from governing forces and the power structures already in place (Pluto).  We saw this with the Arab Spring and other revolutions across the globe.  With the deconstruction of governments and the resulting destabilization of entire regions of the world that resulted from this cycle, insurrectionists are beginning to realize that it’s not enough to tear down a government – something must be rebuilt in its place.  (If this concept is new to you there is a short description in the sidebar of my website here.)

Those in Scotland wishing to secede are not unified in their political views, reflecting a problem that we have seen internationally under the influence of Uranus and Pluto.  When the present government of Scotland is altered, there is no governing body set to replace it which creates anxiety and uncertainty.

I attempted to look at this situation astrologically but the sheer number of potential charts was overwhelming.  For example, most astrologers use the crowning of King Malcolm on March 25, 1005 for the national chart of Scotland.  It was King Malcolm who unified the various tribes under one banner of the Scots.  We could also use the chart for the Union with Great Britain which occurred in May of 1707.  Then there is the chart for the United Kingdom which was formed in 1801.  Or as Barry (formerly Dharmaruci) Goddard writes, we could look at the 842 chart when the Scottish Picts conquered the Irish Dal Riata.

Without looking at any charts and simply observing the ebb and flow of revolutionary fervor over the past four years of the Uranus/Pluto square, it seems to me that the fever for independence that arose in the early days of the square has subsided somewhat.  Concern and doubt has replaced the reckless disregard for government as it has become evident in many parts of the world that there is little to replace the establishment other than anarchy and destruction (witness Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, etc.).

It will be interesting to see what happens today but while I personally would love to see Scotland control its own destiny because innately I crave that freedom myself, it is hard to imagine that this will happen today in the midst of such chaos.

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