The astrology of “Modern Family”

The astrology of “Modern Family” August 23, 2014

modern-familyThe television show Modern Family has been around for a long time, but I just started watching it recently.  Often iconic programs like this one display a representative sampling of the twelve astrological archetypes and it’s always fun to see who has been assigned which role.  (Other posts in this series: The Astrology of Grey’s Anatomy and The Astrology of Lost.)

Humans are more complex than just their Sun sign – there are a myriad of other astrological factors in the birth chart that help us to understand the human psyche.  But just for fun, let’s take a look at the characters in Modern Family and see how they fit into the astrological wheel.

Phil Dunphy is a fun representative of the Sagittarius archetype.  He’s the fun-loving, sort of goofy dad that is always looking on the bright side of life but is easily overwhelmed by the responsibilities of his job and family life.  Like many Sagittarians his goals are large and seem unattainable, but believing he can accomplish them makes them happen.  He sees everything as a fun adventure, and often refuses to see the reality of a situation.

That’s where his wife, Claire Dunphy, comes in as the Taurus archetype.  Practical and cautious and with a powerful tenacity, she runs the household with an iron grip.  Like many Taureans her fixed views means that she feels she must be right at all times – it is difficult for her to admit mistakes and she resists the changes that come through the passage of time.  But in a crisis, she is the one who everyone depends upon.

Haley Dunphy is the teenaged daughter.  As our Libra representative, Haley’s relationships are of supreme importance.  She is popular and has an active social life. She takes great care with her appearance and like many Librans has an instinctive awareness of what others want her to be; she can be quite charming when she chooses.  She dislikes conflict (although she is not afraid to create it).

Alex Dunphy is the smart one, the Aquarius.  Her superior intelligence is her gift and her weapon and like all Aquarians, she doesn’t let her emotions get in the way of reason.  She enjoys being different than the rest of the family and uses it to her advantage, often surprising them with her skills such as playing her cello in a hip avant garde band.

Luke Dunphy, the youngest sibling, is our Gemini.  Interested in everything, he has a hard time focusing.  Others perceive him as lacking intelligence, but every now and then his brilliance shines through.  Like many Geminis, he is perpetually youthful and innocent in his interactions with others.  He loves trying new things and is the perfect foil for his dad’s crazy ideas

Mitchell Pritchett is a classic Virgo – a bit of a worrier and often critical, especially of his partner Cam’s flamboyant behavior.  Like all Virgos he sees perfection as the goal and has high standards, but is driven by his desire to help others.  He can be shy and resist confrontation, and is uncomfortable with public displays of emotion.

Our Leo is Mitchell’s partner Cameron Tucker.  Everything Cameron does is larger than life – he has a gigantic heart and gives generously of himself.  Like many Leos, he requires a great deal of attention and this sometimes causes problems in his relationships.  He appears to have been successful in just about everything, from farm work to musical theater, and his confidence knows no bounds.  But like all Leos he is easily hurt when his generosity is rebuffed.

Mitchell and Cam’s daughter Lily is the Aries of the family.  She is never afraid to speak her mind, and has been known to get aggressive when things don’t go her way.  Even as a small toddler she enjoys watching violent movies such as “Scarface.”  She enjoys using profanity and at one point was running off so frequently that her daddies needed to put her on a leash.

Jay Pritchett is the obvious Capricorn.  A successful businessman, he thoroughly enjoys the fruits of his success: the nice cars, the big house, the gorgeous second wife.  He is a tough guy, a man’s man who likes to climb the mountain of success in all thinks, just like the mountain goat which represents Capricorn.  He’s not comfortable talking about feelings and prefers to accomplish projects with the people that he loves.

Family-oriented Gloria Pritchett represents the sign of Cancer.  Her children are everything to her, and she works relentlessly to build strong bonds with her new family after her marriage to Jay, even though she is often rejected and ridiculed.  She is emotional but tough from her life in Columbia’s mean streets, having grown the tough shell of the Crab that protects the sensitive interior.

Gloria’s son Manny Delgado is our Scorpio.  Full of emotional courage and tenacity, Manny relentlessly pursues the objects of his desire.  He is mature and comfortable in his skin; he is very intuitive and has an innate understanding of the emotions of others.  Like many Scorpios he pursues everything in his life passionately and without fear.

Dylan is Haley’s boyfriend and an obvious Pisces.  Dreamy and ungrounded but brilliantly imaginative, Dylan’s main interests are music and Haley.  In his relationship he is extremely sensitive and very emotional. Like many Pisces he longs for an intimate connection with the girl he loves and can’t bear to be separated.


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