The Golden Age of Saturn

The Golden Age of Saturn September 5, 2014
Saturn golden age
Art by Jenna Della Grottaglia

Time is governed astrologically by the planet Saturn.  Called Kronos in Greece, he was associated with the ravaging effects of time.  For this reason he was also associated with death and the end of our time on Earth. However, Saturn’s reign is associated with a Golden Age:

First of all the deathless gods who dwell on Olympos made a Golden Race of mortal men who lived in the time of Kronos when he was reigning in heaven. And they lived like gods without sorrow of heart, remote and free from toil and grief: miserable age rested not on them; but with legs and arms never failing they made merry with feasting beyond the reach of all evils. When they died, it was as though they were overcome with sleep, and they had all good things; for the fruitful earth unforced bare them fruit abundantly and without stint. They dwelt in ease and peace upon their lands with many good things, rich in flocks and loved by the blessed gods. But after earth had covered this generation–they are called Pure Spirits (daimones hagnoi) dwelling on the earth (epikhthonioi), and are kindly, delivering from harm, and guardians of mortal men; for they roam everywhere over the earth, clothed in mist and keep watch on judgements and cruel deeds, givers of wealth [i.e. agricultural bounty]; for this royal right also they received.

Hesiod, Works and Days During Saturn’s Golden Age there was order and prosperity and no need for external laws to be applied because all of humanity operated in accordance with natural law.  We don’t often associate Saturn with harmony and peace, but we cannot deny that if humans treated each other with love and respect and followed what we now call the Golden Rule, treating every being as we ourselves would want to be treated, we too could live in a Golden Age. Loving Saturn as I do (a necessity since he sits right on my Sun) I love this archetype of Saturn’s associated with the Golden Age.   According to Ovid:

In the beginning was the Golden Age, when men of their own accord, without threat of punishment, without laws, maintained good faith and did what was right. . . . The earth itself, without compulsion, untouched by the hoe, unfurrowed by any share, produced all things spontaneously. . . . It was a season of everlasting spring.

Ovid, Metamorphoses.  As we continue to transition into the Aquarian Age, it will be helpful to remember that Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius.  The order and regulations inspired by Saturn are the vehicle to break free of restrictions as inspired by Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius.  The two go hand in hand, and together they can help us to bring about the next Golden Age.

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