Top ten things to know about Mercury in Libra

Top ten things to know about Mercury in Libra September 3, 2014

Mercury in LlibraMercury just moved into Libra after spending a few weeks in the perfectionist sign of Virgo.  I have to admit, I really enjoyed Mercury’s trip through Virgo this time since it helped me to get organized.  I created checklists for housecleaning chores and organized my many to do lists although I can’t say I actually really got anything accomplished.

Libra is the sign of balance and relationships – when Mercury travels through Libra our mind and communication seeks ways to find harmony and equilibrium in a world of opposites and dissonance.  Here are some ways to get the most out of this Mercury in Libra time:

  1. Embrace indecision.  This isn’t always a bad thing – in Libra Mercury wants to weigh all options and understand all perspectives.  This can help to deepen our understanding of the situation so that we can make better choices, or it can hang us on the fence indefinitely.  Eventually we have to make a decision.
  2. Cherish your relationships.  When Mercury is in Libra we think a lot of about relationships and become more aware of what others want.  We can take advantage of this increased awareness to build and deepen our friendships, marriages, and even communities.
  3. Appreciate the beauty around you.  Mercury in Libra has a fine sensitivity to the aesthetics, and we are more finely attuned now to appreciate the grace and symmetry that lingers everywhere.  Venture into art galleries, take a moment to observe a sunset, and allow the beauty to soothe your senses and nurture the soul.
  4. Get a makeover.  When Mercury is in Libra we are more aware of the need for the nourishment of beauty in our lives, and that extends to our own attractiveness as well.  We may find now that taking extra care in our appearance will bring us unexpected payoffs.
  5. Decorate and declutter your home.  Our sensitivity to disharmony increases when Mercury is in Libra, and streamlining the space in which you live can help to bring the equanimity which Libra craves.  Speaking of which…
  6. Strive for inner peace.  When Mercury is in Libra the mind often races between one extreme and another and this is not restful.  Finding the calm center in the heart of chaos is a big Libra lesson.
  7. Discover your inner charm.  Libra has an innate ability to turn on the charm, and when Mercury is in Libra that skill is available to all of us.  We instinctively know what others want from us and become better listeners.
  8. Learn to negotiate.  All of life involves negotiation, from finding a parking place to dealing with teenagers.  When Mercury is in Libra our ability to see both sides of an argument increases, teaching us skills that will stay with us long after Mercury has moved on.
  9. Find the middle ground.  In today’s polarized world of extreme opinions, Mercury in Libra teaches us to find the center where all sides can come together.
  10. Achieve balance in a world of chaos.  One of the pitfalls of the Libra archetype is that in venturing from one side to another in order to understand all points of view, we can lose our equilibrium and our own center.  The lesson of Mercury in Libra is to find that balance within – that core of understanding that we live in a world that is not black nor white, but full of shades of gray.

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