Planetary Illuminations September astrological forecast

Planetary Illuminations September astrological forecast September 1, 2014

“Seasonal Change” by Starstray

The September 2014 Planetary Illuminations report is now up on my website and you can read the forecast in its entirety here.  If you are not yet on my mailing list please sign up using the form below.

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Meanwhile, here is the introduction with the major influences in September:

As September begins we have been under the combined influence of Mars and Saturn, both in Scorpio, and coming into conjunction at the end of August.  This has led been a powerful eruption of intensity, especially after the Aquarius Full Moon on August 10th which was the second of three Supermoons in a row.  (A lunation is considered a Supermoon when it is closest to the earth.  Although this term is now in common usage it was originally coined by astrologer Richard Nolle.)

Four planets are currently in retrograde motion, meaning they appear to move backwards from our perspective here on earth.  It is fairly typical to have some planets retrograde (see more about retrogrades in this article from earlier this year) but in my experience when there are at least three retrograde planets there is a pull towards the past.  We tend to look back, re-evaluate, re-minisce, and generally find it difficult to move forwards.  We are certainly seeing that in the political realm where killings of unarmed citizens by police are bringing up old grievances of all kinds, and horrific events in Iraq have brought about a return to American involvement in the political situation.

Pluto changes direction on September 22nd, and at that point there will only be two retrograde planets (Uranus and Neptune) plus Chiron.  After that time we will begin to see more forward movement and more of a sense of progress.  However, throughout the month of September Pluto is stationary and that makes it more powerful and its influence more visible.  Pluto represents death, regeneration and the use and misuse of power, which means that Pluto stationary periods can be difficult to manage.  At its highest expression Pluto teaches us to empower ourselves through Truth and Wisdom and requires that we let go and surrender when there is no other cause of action.

In September there are a number of fast moving planetary cycles but overall the planets are relatively quiet.  This provides us with an opportunity to rest and reflect on our lives to see where we might be headed in the future.

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