Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tie the knot – the astrological factors

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie tie the knot – the astrological factors August 29, 2014

Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie marriedAfter years of speculation, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie secretly married last weekend at their estate in France.

Brad and Angelina are totally different astrologically – each offers the other what is lacking in their own chart (see Brad’s chart here, and Angelina’s chart here).

Brad Pitt is a Sagittarius and has Jupiter in Aries which conjoins Jupiter in Angelina’s chart, giving them a sense of opportunity and fortune when they are together. However, Brad has a stellium of planets in responsible earthy Capricorn which can feel heavy and burdensome and Angelina’s fire provides stimulation and excitement. All that earthy Capricorn helps to ground Angelina and gives her a sense of security that she lacks in her own chart.

However, all of Angelina’s Aries planets square (conflict with) Brad’s Capricorn planets, creating an environment that is passionate and exciting but could ultimately be destructive. Mars represents our drive and desire and gives a clue to sexual compatibility. Angelina’s Mars is in Aries, which is all fire energy and no body–Brad’s Mars is in Capricorn which is all body and no fire. Their Mars are exactly square (conflict with) each other, which creates a very dynamic sexual attraction but doesn’t hold up over time without a great deal of effort and communication.  It probably also helps that they are always traveling and their lives are very active (helping to release some of that Mars energy).

The saying “opposites attract” is true in astrology, but we often see that although opposites attract initially, it can be difficult to sustain that attraction over time. Quite often in relationships we are attracted to traits in others that we lack, but that isn’t always effective in long term relationships. For example, Angelina has Mercury in Gemini, which is flighty and doesn’t like to be tied down and Brad has Mercury in Capricorn, which is practical and very disciplined.

Still, the composite chart (the combination of their two charts) accurately describes the relationship to a “T” – Libra is rising in the chart, mirroring the partnership that Brad and Angie strive for in the various projects that they become involved in, and Uranus (independence and innovation) is sitting right on the ascendant of the chart which is indicative of their refusal to conduct their relationship in a traditional manner. The exact opposition between Uranus and Mercury reveals that communication between them (Mercury) can be challenging and that they each have their own ideas and find it difficult to agree. Their craving for children is reflected in the Fifth House Moon (the fifth house is the arena of creative self expression, which includes children as well as acting and sports), and Neptune in the second house suggests the desire to use their money (second house) for altruistic causes (Neptune).

The Black Moon Lilith is an interesting astrological point that I am currently exploring – it seems to have something to do with a primal feminine rage against the patriarchy – the archetype of the Dark Goddess.  BML is very strong in Angelina Jolie’s chart, which is not surprising in light of some of her earlier behaviors and this protection of women is now a focal point of her humanitarian efforts.  In the composite chart, the chart of the relationship, the Black Moon Lilith is exactly conjunct the asteroid Pallas, the archetype of Divine Intelligence.  This suggests that in the relationship both Brad and Angelina are able to channel that Dark Goddess energy through their creative intelligence in humanitarian work.

Had I looked at these charts in advance I might have been able to predict that some kind of powerful event would occur in their relationship since Pluto (endings and new beginnings) is opposite Juno (the asteroid of marriage) in the progressed composite chart, and transiting Juno is in a strong square to Angelina’s Pluto right now, stimulating the desire to make a change to deepen the relationship.  (This is kind of a “make it or break it” event – couples can break up under this configuration just as easily as marry.)   Juno has been strong in Brad’s chart over the past week as well, triggered by Mars (“let’s take action”), squaring Jupiter (“we can do it!”), opposite Mars (“let’s DEFINITELY take some action NOW”), sextile Uranus (“let’s make it a surprise”) and in a harmonious trine to Chiron (“we can let go of all the baggage and make a new start”).

Brad and Angelina are probably the most fascinating couple and the most closely examined of any public figures.  It’s a miracle that they pulled off a secret wedding!


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