Reaching Perfection at the Virgo New Moon, August 25 2014

Reaching Perfection at the Virgo New Moon, August 25 2014 August 25, 2014

Art by Natasha Cinnamon
Art by Natasha Cinnamon

The Moon is New in Virgo now – the beginning of a new lunar cycle, an  opportunity to clean and scrub our lives with Virgo determination and bring our focus to the details: the food we eat, the cleanliness of our home, the ways in which we can improve ourselves and our surroundings.  Virgo seeks perfection and this is a time for a life review to see where alterations are needed to help us to operate more effective in this earthly realm.

At the New Moon the Sun and Moon align in a conjunction of solar wisdom and lunar instincts, helping us to focus and clarify our intentions.  However, an opposition from the New Moon to Neptune can make this a little fuzzy or confusing.  In an opposition two planets are in signs of polarities – the Virgo New Moon opposes Pisces Neptune – and the earthly matters of Virgo are in tension with the soul’s desire for Piscean/Neptunian transcendence and magnificence.  We can have both!  There is no need to choose.  At this New Moon it is helpful to integrate some Neptunian magic and beauty with the Virgoan todo lists.

Mercury (thoughts and ideas) is opposite Chiron (wounding and healing) now, which may cause us to feel unsettled and uncomfortably aware of old emotions that are trying to emerge into consciousness. The more we are able to welcome these ancient emotional intrusions and release them, the clearer we become and the more we are freed from the pain of the past.

As we begin a new lunar cycle, this time in Virgo, we are asked to take a closer look at the balance of the mind/body/spirit system that regulates our physical, spiritual and mental health. Virgo’s domain is the details of life – the practical aspects of hygiene, health, service to others – all of these matters that are necessary because we live in a physical body on planet Earth.

The chart for the New Moon is packed with harmonious aspects that help us to feel more at home in our bodies and in our lives. The mind (Mercury) is energized by Mars and stabilized by Saturn, and a harmonious trine from Venus to Uranus lifts us out of the practical and causes our imagination to soar and create. The combination of this creativity with a grounding conjunction of Mars to Saturn makes this a wonderful time of self-reflection and balance.


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