The Lunar Eclipse on October 8th will pack a wallop!

The Lunar Eclipse on October 8th will pack a wallop! October 6, 2014

Art by Cameron Grey

The Full Moon and lunar

eclipse occurs at 15 Aries on October 8th and is a powerhouse of planetary combinations. We have the Grand Fire Trine at work here, but Chiron (wounding and healing) is also a player since it is still in a square to Mars, activating our deepest and secret wounds to emerge and be healed in the light of day. Emotions tend to run higher under a Full Moon and recent research confirms what many of us already knew, that it can be more difficult to sleep under a Full Moon.

Eclipses occur when the lunation (Sun and Moon) conjoin the lunar nodes, and at this eclipse we have the South Node in Aries, revealing that the tendency for negative behavior at this time will come from our more aggressive and self-centered tendencies, and the North Node is in Libra, revealing the path to growth and personal evolution at this time lies in our ability to find balance and create harmony and beauty. Venus is aligned with the Sun, and since Venus is the ruler of Libra this serves as a double reminder to emphasize the importance of our connections and ability to love and find beauty in every moment of life.

Meanwhile the Moon is aligned with Uranus, planet of innovation and revolution, suggesting a struggle here between that more self-centered quality of self-preservation (Aries, Uranus) and the harmony in life which we all desire.

This eclipse is also part of the “Blood Moon Tetrad,” a series of four lunar eclipses, that I wrote about last April.   Much has been said about the fact that these four eclipses fall on Jewish holidays and are therefore likely to affect Israel, but since Jewish holidays are tied to the lunar calendar it’s not surprising that lunar eclipses fall on those holidays.  Anyway, it’s hard to imagine that things in Israel and Palestine could get much more intense.

With the drama and power of Pluto in a square to both the Moon and Sun as well as the associated planets, this event is likely to knock our spiritual socks off and help us to break free of old patterns that are no longer functional.

The nodes of the moon are often called the Dragon’s Head (north node) and the Dragon’s Tail.  Under the influence of Aries, it is no time to be shy or small.  Instead, let us find the spiritual warrior within, and smite the dragon of ignorance and fear.

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