Top Ten ways to enjoy Mars in Sagittarius, 2014 edition

Top Ten ways to enjoy Mars in Sagittarius, 2014 edition September 13, 2014

Mars in SagittariusLive life BIG, BOLD and OUT LOUD!  (Shannon Adler)

The mythological Mars was the god of war, and Mars is usually associated with anger and desire.  But really, Mars encompasses so much more.  Mars motivates and inspires us – he gives us the ability to say no and define boundaries, and helps us to find courage in the word encouragement.

Mars leaves the intense sign of Scorpio today, moving into Sagittarius where it will stay until October 26th.  Sagittarius urges us to expand our horizons, to seek the greater truth and learn to teach others.  Where Scorpio enjoys going deep into minutiae, Sagittarius has no patience for the small things and inspired by Jupiter, its ruling planet, desires a bigger life experience.

Here are ways to get the most out of Mars in Sagittarius:

  1. With the fire planet in a fire sign, you will be likely more energized physically.  If you are someone who puts off exercise until later, later has arrived!  Mars in Sag will help you to move and break through your physical boundaries.
  2. Take advantage of this surge of passion and inspiration to begin something new that you have been putting off, or to finish a project that has become stalled.
  3. Plan a trip – travel to a place where you have never been and explore a brand new side of yourself.  You may find you are more open to adventure if you are a cautious person.  If you are already adventurous, now is the time to scale new peaks.
  4. When Mars is in Sagittarius the truth comes out of our mouths in very direct ways and we are often not at our most tactful.  This is a good time to use a filter to avoid hurt feelings and other communication problems.
  5. Get to know someone who is very different from you – someone from another culture, another age group, another religion.  Expanding our circle of acquaintances helps us to learn more about ourselves as well as them.
  6. Plan a big party with everyone you know and invite their friends too.  Sagittarius is very social and this is a good time to expand your social horizons.
  7. Spend this time advancing your education and deepen your knowledge of a topic on which you are already an expert.  Sagittarius encourages us to seek the path of higher knowledge and greater wisdom, so this is no time to be a dilettante!
  8. Find a focus for your passions – a cause to believe in and to fight for.  Sagittarius seeks truth and greater understanding, and Mars is the warrior so this combination can fire us up to pursue our dreams.
  9. Sagittarius is optimistic and confident, and with Mars going through that sign we will feel more inspired and more confident in taking risks.  This can be a good thing for those of us (me!) who tend to be more cautious.  But you risk takers out there will want to keep a hand on the reins to be sure you don’t get carried away.
  10. Dream big.  With Mars in Sagittarius you have the vision to create big things, and the passion and energy to make them happen!
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