November 20, 2005

The movement of the planets and the angles that they form to each other produces an energetic effect that influences humans and nations. At the moment there are some challenging formations that are creating pressure for change both in our personal worlds and the global arena. The planet Uranus is concerned with breaking up old patterns and creating new dynamics. In retrograde motion since June (appearing to travel backwards from earth’s perspective), there has been a slow building of tension… Read more

November 20, 2005

Welcome to Astrodynamics, a blog about the movements of the planets and how they affect our lives. Astrology is much more complex than the “sun sign” astrology you see in your daily paper: each of us has our own unique blueprint which is the horoscope, and the dance between the earth and the planets, sun and moon facilitate cycles on earth and within ourselves. In this blog you’ll find daily updates on planetary configurations and meanings, as well as horoscopes… Read more

August 26, 2000

Q:  I have a friend that I have a very unique relationship with and it creates many questions and pretty much no answers. Very recently our relationship has been intense after a long cooling period.  He is never really honest about his feelings and contradicts himself aA: lot. If you can give me any insight I would really appreciate it! Lynn: There are a lot of “points of contact” between your two charts which bring the two of you together… Read more

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