Your English-Sun In Aquarius Phrase Book

Your English-Sun In Aquarius Phrase Book January 18, 2017

AQUARIUSOn Wednesday the Sun enters Aquarius. There is little point explaining what the effects of that will be like, because honestly if it was that easy to describe, delineate, contain, or outline — it wouldn’t really be Aquarius, would it? Not everyone with Sun in Aquarius is a weirdo, a rebel, or an outlaw… but there’s almost always something a little stranger than advertised about them.

Rather than try to box Aquarius in with a definition (because Aquarius generally hates that sort of thing, except when it’s them doing the boxing), let’s all just try to communicate with them better. In aid of this, here is a brief but hopefully helpful Aquarius-English translation guide to help you communicate more freely with the Aquarians in your life.


AQUARIUS: You know, there’s a Universal Principle behind what I’m talking about here. And what I’m talking about here applies to us both, but… you know, I’m addressing your side of the equation. I have my preferences and you have yours, but we can achieve some commonality if we manage to get it together on this thing.
ENGLISH: Should we get pizza, or Chinese food?

AQUARIUS: There’s this whole “usage of space” thing going on here, y’know, and even though there’s commonality involved, there’s still this whole individual thing and –not that it justifies things, but that’s kind of the statement I was trying to make.
ENGLISH: Sorry about the mess, I’ll clean it up.

AQUARIUS: The Buddha taught us that Time is kind of an illusion, and that all stems from the Ego, which is the great illusion we all struggle with.
ENGLISH: Dammit, you forgot my birthday!

AQUARIUS: I don’t have the need to claim ownership of anyone, and I wouldn’t want anyone to do that with me. But, hey, I understand where you’re coming from, and I think we’re on the same page. That’s cool, isn’t it?
ENGLISH: I love you too.


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