A cute take on a timeless tradition

A cute take on a timeless tradition May 25, 2012

Today is World Tarot Day! I want to share with you something that has been absorbing my attention lately: my husband’s tarot kickstarter campaign!

We both love tarot, but have different tastes in the art (mostly) and we seem to use the decks differently. He is much more interested in the history and evolution of the deck and symbols than I am, whereas I use my deck/s nearly everyday.

For the last year and half, Adam, the husband, has been designing his own deck, The Chibi Tarot. According to Adam, “The Chibi Tarot is a super-cute vision of the tarot that fuses the traditional spirit of the cards with the contemporary visuals of anime, manga and video games.” He reconfigures each card into the Japanese manga-style known aschibi, while spending as much time on the integrity of its symbolic meaning. Form and function.

The kickstarter is an effort to raise funds for creating a majors-only deck. If he raises more funds, he can work more quickly on the minor arcana too. There has been a warm and enthusiastic reception to his work so far! Please check out the kickstarter campaign – you’ll get to see my fine acting skills in the silly video we made, as well as see my (as of yesterday) 4-year-old son make his theatrical debut. You support – whether that’s joining the facebook page, investing in the project, or spreading the word – would be wonderful.

In addition to my husband’s project, I received, at long last, my copy of the Mary-El deck. It is stunning. We are full to the brim with tarot.

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