Maxim Monday: two for one

Maxim Monday: two for one March 18, 2013

Today’s Delphic Maxim is be kind to friends. Are some people not kind to those whom they call friends? Some people tend not to be kind in general, but who would be friends with someone who isn’t kind to them? I feel like this maxim is a bit of a no-brainer. Be kind to the people in your life, those chosen and those there by circumstance, but especially be kind to your friends.

This is a good reminder, though. In my life, I can remember to reach out – in person and via social media – and say, ‘Hi, I’m thinking of you. How are you doing? Can I help in any way?’ That last one is especially important for me when I consider the people I know here in Olympia. Most of them have families. How can we help each other? Families need these kindnesses.

Since being kind to friends seems pretty obvious, I thought I’d move on to the next one: watch out for your enemies. Whilst it would be nice not to have enemies, we surely have people in our lives that don’t like us, treat us well, or are looking out for our best interests. There are people with whom we are in unloving conflict. I don’t think being obsessed with one’s enemies is wise, but certainly having an idea of where they are and what they’re up to is. What are their motivations? Are their actions going to collide with your best interests? Sometimes seeing what they’re up to can provide the information needed to get out of their way, and thus remove the need for conflict. Sometimes.

I don’t have too many enemies in my life – being a homebody and working from home certainly reduces making enemies. Actually, I can’t think of single person in my world I would call an enemy. I am sure that there are plenty of people who aren’t keen on me.  There are one or two with whom I’m in (silent) conflict. It sucks. But they’re not enemies, and I’m not watching what they’re up to. I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about this!


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