Equinox Gratitude

Equinox Gratitude September 21, 2014

It’s the Equinox, but it’s also a Sunday. Sundays are spacious but also involve preparing for the week to come. I meal plan, make sure the laundry is done, bathe the kids, and look ahead to what is needed for various activities on the calendar.


I’m trying not to let the Regular Sunday overwhelm the Equinox; I want to feel the Wheel turning. And it is turning! Yesterday the gardeners came and harvested nearly the entire garden! Sixty pounds of tomatoes – and that was just one row of the garden! All that is left are brussell sprouts and arugula. Three long rows of garlic were planted for a winter crop.


I’m grateful. I’m grateful that we have land we share. I am grateful for the energy and industriousness of youth, and the four strong bodies who come to work with this Land and share the fruits of their labor with my family. I am grateful for the dying of the sun, for the turning of the leaves. I am grateful for my mother-in-law, whose birthday was yesterday. I am grateful that my husband’s family have all made the trek to the Pacific Northwest and that we can gather to celebrate things together. It feels auspicious to celebrate today, together, even if we are not consciously honoring the Earth or the Land or anything “Pagan” together.

I am grateful for the support of friends, near and far. I am amazed at the ever expanding minds and bodies of my children. I am grateful for this life and for this body.

I don’t usually pontificate or exhort on this blog, but I want to strongly encourage you all to embrace your embodiment at this turn of the Wheel of the Year. May you find a moment (or more) today to revel. And let us all take stock of our place on this planet and commit (or re-commit) to working toward a society that values this Earth.


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