Many Gods West 2016

Many Gods West 2016 September 15, 2015

Dear Friends,

This is the first of two major announcements I am making this week.

Now that the dust has settled from last month’s Many Gods West conference for polytheists, I have divined and listened and decided that YES, Many Gods West 2016 WILL HAPPEN. Both Rhyd Wildermuth and PSVL have decided for various reasons to sit this next one out. I shall be carrying the torch onward. I have assembled a crack team of co-conspirators – more people, more hands, which hopefully means more time for me to participate next year!

MGW will happen in Olympia again. The opening and closing rituals will be facilitated by Rynn Fox of the Coru Cathubodua. Aaaaaaand that’s all we know at this time. You can follow MGW’s Facebook page for updates as they occur. There will be a new website forthcoming as well. Stay tuned! And if you have any desire to prepare a proposal, please do! We’ll be putting the call out for those sometime this fall.

The enthusiasm, support, and love for this conference – from the gods and from humans – exceeded any expectations I had. I am hoping that MGW 2016 will be even better.

To read about this year’s conference, click here for a list of presentations available online, as well as reviews.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s second announcement!

Raphael's Olympians, 1516-17
Raphael’s Olympians, 1516-17

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