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Faery Your Information October 15, 2015

Egg Nebula, Hubble Telescope
Egg Nebula, Hubble Telescope

See what I did there?  Har, har.  I crack myself up.

There’s a new Faery (Anderson Faery, Old Faery, Wild Faery, Not Those Other Guys, etc) website up.  From the “About” page:

Anderson Faery (sometimes spelled “Feri”) is an American form of witchcraft that traces its lineage to Victor and Cora Anderson. Our Craft is often considered to be “queer”—not just because of its embrace of alternative sexualities, but because of its fundamental orientation toward Otherness and the uncanny.

The contributors to this site are Anderson Faery initiates who support the statement of principles originally published in 2011 at

There is a blog on the home page, where you will see reprints and some new material from yours truly, among other people.

If you are unfamiliar with why there are now two Faery/Feri traditions (we tried to make a distinction by using a different spelling, but some people just can’t let go, like a bad ex-boyfriend, and promptly tried to confuse the issue) here is a decent place to start.  I am interviewed therein; Sarsen is me.  I also recommend Henry Buchy’s answers. The only real revision I would make to my comments then is my answer to question 3, from “who knows what the future holds” to this:   Yes, the split is permanent for the foreseeable future, for the reason that all of us Faery folks are much happier this way.  Also, it’s evident that we will grow and thrive, mostly hidden but sometimes popping into view, like a fairy ring with its mycelium, the greatest part of it, underground.   Nearly five years out, the future looks just fine.  And if you find us while out rambling in the woods some misty morning, ponder well before you step inside…

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