Samhain Throwback Thursday: Sing to the Mighty Dead

Sketch of Aphra Behn by George Scharf

Here is my litany of Mighty Dead: brilliant, luminous, genius bisexual women, every last one of them. [Read more...]

Talking to My Ancestors at Samhain: Religion In A Crisis


Aside from it being that time of year, my ancestors are generally my first line of defense when things go wrong or I feel the need to protect me and mine. I have a well-established relationship with them (I have a smaller ancestor altar year-round) and I know they have my back. [Read more...]

Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch by Raven Grimassi (Book Review)

Cover art for Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch

Raven Grimassi describes this book as an attempt to codify or distill what he calls the “roots” of Old World witchcraft:  “The magical tradition presented in this book is ever ancient and ever new.”  That is to say, he is presenting a “cohesive system” of magic based on his own experiences in Witchcraft and some [Read More...]

Our Nimue Is Different

Poker Face by

If you step out to the grocery store to buy a loaf of bread and wind up in Tijuana with a trunk full of Froot Loops and vintage porn…that was Nimue. [Read more...]

Black Hearted Innocence (part 7)

Least Weasel, Bering Land Bridge National Preserve

Understand, the Black Heart is not a goal, nor is it automatically conferred with a certain number of box tops. It can come and go. It’s not a state of enlightenment, exactly, though it bears a certain resemblance to some martial arts concepts. It’s an effect. [Read more...]

Align Your Souls (Feri part 6)

Today’s Throwback Thursday post discusses another central idea in Anderson Faery.  Originally published May 24, 2010, in the Pantheon blog. 1 Man has no Body distinct from his Soul for that calld Body is a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age. 2 Energy is the [Read More...]

Feri Pentacles, Iron and Pearl (part 5)

Today’s Throwback Thursday post talks about pentacles as they are taught in Anderson Faery.  Originally published May 21, 2010 in the Pantheon blog. Therefore on his shining shield was shaped now this knot, royally with red gules upon red gold set, this is the pure pentangle as people of learning have taught. -Sir Gawain and [Read More...]

Pagan Light Bulb Jokes!

In this week’s Throwback Thursday post, I tell some jokes.  Originally published in the Pantheon blog, May 19, 2010.   I will take a break from my Feritribe because I was totally inspired by Julie Maldonado’s post to share these with you. You’ll thank me later. I made some of them up, which probably says [Read More...]

Announcement: Sacred Lands and Spiritual Landscapes Book Now Available

Last year, Elinor Prędota and I, along with Byron Ballard and quite a few other people, participated in the first Pagan academic conference co-sponsored by Cherry Hill Seminary and the University of South Carolina. John Beckett was also in attendance and wrote about his impressions at the time. A book compiled of some of the papers [Read More...]

Homegrown Alchemy (Feri part 4)

We sometimes speak of “Feri alchemy.” We mean the technique sometimes ritualized as “the water trick” or “the rite of unbinding.” The other core ideas and meditations in Feri are all different means of spinning straw into gold. [Read more...]