Beyoncé and Making Theology Out of Lemonade

Lemonade without lemons is just sugar water. The hardest thing for people to understand is that life isn’t supposed to be all sweet. Sometimes it’s as bitter as a lemon peel, and that’s life too. [Read more…]

Writing, Tarot, and Other Things I’ve Been Up To

My recent publications, classes, consultation rates, and other shenanigans. [Read more…]

The Lazy Witch’s Guide to Yule

This holiday is one where the spiritual dimensions of community find their natural home. [Read more…]

Ars Poetica: A Reminder

You are a human being alive on the earth for just a short, short time. [Read more…]

At Long Last, Have You No Decency? Cherry Hill Does the Right Thing For Every Possible Wrong Reason

Academic freedom is inextricably bound to the obligation of academic rigor. Educators have a responsibility to the truth, not just to their personal opinions, and they have a responsibility to their students. [Read more…]

Inanna, the Sacred B and the Sacred T

If we as a civilization want our groove back, I know Who has it. And she is not about to put up with any of your trans- or bi- or homo-phobic blather, misogyny, or ignorant hateful nonsense. [Read more…]

Movie Review: Spotlight

Any group of people, sooner or later, will attract predators. What matters is how you handle it. [Read more…]

Book Review: Asfidity & Madstones, A Further Ramble through Hillfolks’ Hoodoo by H. Byron Ballard

In Asfidity & Madstones: A Further Ramble through Hillfolks’ Hoodoo, Byron Ballard has hit her stride. [Read more…]

Faery Your Information

There’s a new Faery website up. [Read more…]

The World Isn’t Disenchanted. It’s You.

I am not saying that there is not an urgent need for re-enchantment, re-wilding, resurrection. There is. I am saying that you need to get over the idea that it’s all about you. Or us. [Read more…]