Off to Caldera Fest!

Off to Caldera Fest! May 26, 2016

There’s a new Pagan music festival, happening now (all this weekend) in north Georgia.  It’s at Cherokee Farms near LaFayette, Georgia.

Just so you know, it’s pronounced La – FAY – ette, not La- fee – ETTE, because Georgia.  Or, if you are really country, Lafet.  That is how I pronounce it, because I grew up in Ringgold just north of there.  I dated a boy from Lafet in high school.

I digress….There will be twenty Pagan bands there.  And me, incidentally. I won’t be performing but I will be present, armed with Hellbender Bourbon and mint from my yard.

I am already lining up interviews.  When I come back I intend to write a series on music and magic, with commentary by actual musicians instead of my dilettante self.

You still have time to get tickets, so why don’t you?   Caldera Fest

See you there!

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