So long…

So long… May 22, 2017

…and thanks for all the fish.*

You may have noticed that I haven’t written in this blog for a while…only one post since last May, and that one was a Tarot reading about the state of the Republic, which hasn’t so much fallen as sauntered vaguely downwards.**  For the last little while I have had…a lot going on.  Personal, political, professional…you name it.  Stuff has fallen by the wayside, including my sanity at times.  At long last, I realized the need for a break, and also the need to recognize when my list of things I’m going to do has turned from planning to aspiration to guilt.  You have no idea how much that galls me, but there it is.  I am seriously cutting back on a number of things, and also being realistic about what I’m not actually doing.  Including, unfortunately, writing in this blog.  My energy for engaging in the Pagan blogosphere has waned…and that’s not a criticism of anyone, as I happen to think that unhampered intellectual discourse is an unmitigated good.  I just find myself thinking I “should” write, rather than springing out of bed to go opine.  That’s a sign I should hit the pause button, and so I am.

That isn’t to say I’m sitting around in a Bark-A-Lounger, sipping homemade Mai Tais and eating cheese puffs.***  I will be presenting workshops on spoken and written charms, magical uses of common weeds, and planting by the signs at Mystic South this July, and I am currently reading Tarot at Phoenix and Dragon Books in Sandy Springs, GA every Saturday and Monday.  I also, like a lot of people, have become much more political for some reason.  I am focusing my political energy on fighting voter suppression and gerrymandering, because “safe” districts and unopposed incumbents are the linchpins in the Catherine wheel of creeping fascism. I encourage you to go find your bit of ground and put up a fight.

I do have a list of writing projects, because I simply wouldn’t be me otherwise.  So while I am shutting this blog down, and probably focusing on personal stuff for a while…keep a look out.   See y’all later.



*Literary reference.  If you recognize that quote, you get me.  And if you don’t…My Gods, what are you doing here???

**Literary reference #2.  I have more where that came from.

***No guarantees about Cheetos and margaritas.


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