Writing, Tarot, and Other Things I’ve Been Up To

Writing, Tarot, and Other Things I’ve Been Up To April 25, 2016

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Damn, Sara, where have you been?

In my house, mostly, or at work.  My Other Writing has been fruitful lately, and I’ve been engaged with that.  Stuff.

  • My short story “The Witch’s Egg” is in the March/April issue of Cicada Magazine.  A woman in a tower receives a strange visitor…
  • My essay “Clouds and Jupiter” is in the Miglior Press Award Winning Essays anthology.  It’s actually three linked essays:  one about when my son was born, another about moving back in with my mother when he was a toddler when I was 28 (hellloooo Saturn return!) and how well that went, and the third about when my mother was dying and labyrinths.
  • My essay “A Daily Heron” was re-printed in Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans, along with an essay about animism by my friend and fellow traveler Traci Laird.

On top of all that and my regular teaching gig, I’ve been doing readings at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore in Atlanta.  I’m there every Monday and Saturday, and can do readings by phone so even if you don’t live close you can get a card reading or advice about doing magic from me.  And if you are close, come on by! I will be teaching a class there May 11 called “Ditch Witch: Magical Uses of Common Roadside Plants.”

I mean to not be such a stranger…after school is over.  Watch this space!

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