New Music for a New Christianity: The Convergence Music Project

New Music for a New Christianity: The Convergence Music Project June 24, 2016

McLarenNew“For decades now, we’ve been having “worship wars,” where we argued about musical style in public worship but didn’t pay much attention to the content and spiritual formation value of the songs we argued about. Convergence Music Project represents a “worship renaissance,” bringing together a new generation of songwriters who are writing songs that are theologically thoughtful, artistically satisfying, congregationally singable, and musically enjoyable.”  -Brian McLaren

Launched earlier this year in collaboration with The Center for Progressive Renewal and the Convergence Initiative, the Convergence Music Project (CMP) is an exciting new venture underway to create and offer new congregational music for progressive Christian churches and congregations.

“Every movement needs new songs to sing,” says Cameron Trimble, Director of the Center for Progressive Renewal. “Convergence Music Project is a collaboration of musicians, artists, congregational leaders and denominations to curate and distribute beautiful congregational music with life-giving, progressive theology. We believe Jesus’ life models love, grace and hope to everyone – absolutely everyone – and we want to sing songs that are true to our experience of this just and generous God.”

The CMP envisions the creation of a whole new canon of music, grown from within the progressive Church, representing a more “just and generous” Christianity. The CMP also represents a platform, says Trimble, a technology that distributes all of the creations to churches across the world.

For more on the project and how you can get contribute and/or receive, visit their website here.

Watch a video from one of the CMP artists, Steve Bell, below.


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