American Bible Challenge – Watch Host Jeff Foxworthy Talk About His Personal Faith

American Bible Challenge airs on the Game Show Network (GSN) Thursdays at 8/7centralThis post is part of a promotional campaign for the American Bible Challenge … [Read More...]

Video: Watch the Trailer for ‘Heaven is For Real’

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Video: Faith Leaders Praise ‘Noah’

We've heard from a few faith leaders speaking out against 'Noah,' most of whom haven't even seen it.Now Paramount is releasing a video of faith leaders who have seen the film and their reactions. … [Read More...]

“Grace Unplugged” – The Prodigal Daughter

by Patti Maguire ArmstrongThis was first posted in The Integrated Catholic LifeImagine that the father of the “Prodigal Son” from Scripture once partied like a rock star before converting to the goodness of a Godly life.  He taught his sons well, sharing the emptiness of his past as a place never to wander. But one son, thinking his Father to be boringly conservative, leaves for the bright lights and all that goes with it. Imagine the Father’s heartbreak after bringing a greater truth to … [Read More...]

Movies: What Every Dad Should See

By Phil BoatwrightThis was first posted in the Baptist Press"Grace Unplugged" is the tale of a former rock star's 18-year-old prodigal daughter who wants to find her own fame.Grace Trey, portrayed by A.J. Michalka of "Super 8" and "The Lovely Bones" lineage, is a member of her dad's praise and worship team, but the gifted singer and musician heeds the call of the secular music world. After she gets the music break of a lifetime and is thrust into the "real world," her faith is … [Read More...]

Now You See Me Eisenberg

Oscar Nominee Jesse Eisenberg on Occupy Wall Street, “Zombieland 2,” and making movie magic

In the new film Now You See Me, Jesse Eisenberg stars as a tightly-wound magician whose performances with three colleagues earns him nationwide attention and notoriety. Eisenberg, who previously earned an Oscar nod for his performance as Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network (2010), recently visited D.C. to talk about his new heist film.During the interview, several other local critics and I spoke to Eisenberg about the connections between his new film and the Occupy movement, his past … [Read More...]

42 Event at the White House

Photo Gallery: ’42′ Stars Visit the White House with Jackie Robinson’s Wife

First lady Michelle Obama introduced the stars of the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 at the White House.On April 2, she brought local high school students to the White House for a conversation on the late baseball superstar. Obama, who was clearly inspired by the film, noted that "You have to pick yourself up when somebody knocks you down," a lesson that underscores the legacy of Mr. Robinson.The new film 42 tells the true story of Jackie Robinson's rise to the major leagues in the late … [Read More...]

Bruce Willis and Summer Qing in Looper

Interview: Actress Summer Qing on ‘Looper’ and the Greatest Misconception about Bruce Willis

In the new movie Looper, two actors portray the same character. Both Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL) star as a hired gun named Joe. Willis plays the character late in life while JGL plays the younger version, who is forced to confront his future self. We see the character in both stages of his life in multiple time periods.When we see the older Joe, we glimpse him with a beautiful woman- and pivotal character- who ultimately changes his life. That character is played by Chinese … [Read More...]

JGL and Summer Xing

Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘Looper’

Here are some great behind the scenes photo from the new movie "Looper." Check out Rebecca's review and then make sure you check out the film, which is in theaters now.All photos courtesy of actress Summer Qing, who stars as Bruce Willis' wife in the … [Read More...]

Perks of Being a Wallflower Author

Interview: Writer/ Director Stephen Chbosky on ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’

It is unusual in Hollywood for a novelist to write a bestselling book and then- years later- adapt that book into a screenplay and then direct the cinematic version of his or her story. But that's exactly what happened with writer/director Stephen Chbosky, whose new film The Perks of Being a Wallflower arrives in theaters this Friday. Nearly fifteen years after his acclaimed novel hit bookshelves, Chbosky is bringing his highly-acclaimed story to the big screen.Chbosky's movie stars … [Read More...]