New Patheos Series, “The Bible Brief,” Unpacks the Patterns, Themes, and Life-Lessons Found in the Bible

New Patheos Series, “The Bible Brief,” Unpacks the Patterns, Themes, and Life-Lessons Found in the Bible July 29, 2021

Years ago, as a young Greek Orthodox kid, I remember my parish Priest standing up and saying to our congregation, “We’re Christians. We should read the Bible.” And then he added, almost as an afterthought, “Start with the New Testament. The Old Testament is hard!” If you’ve read the Bible, I’m sure you can relate!

Whether you’re a Christian seeking to better understand your religion’s theology and sacred narratives, or a practitioner of another faith tradition just trying to be more informed about what Christians believe, the Bible is the natural source to turn to. But, let’s be honest, the Bible is a strange book full of strange stories and sometimes confusing things—and studying it can occasionally leave you feeling a little perplexed and overwhelmed.

Well, we get that! But, here at Patheos, we believe the Bible shouldn’t feel so strange or difficult to grasp. And it certainly shouldn’t feel inapplicable to our lives today. And that’s why we’ve created “The Bible Brief” video series. Each video will unpack the patterns, themes, and life-lessons found in the Bible—so you can feel more confident as you dive deeper into your personal faith and Christianity’s most sacred text.

“The Bible Brief’s” host, Lori Denning, describes herself as “passionate about scripture, and about sharing the message of hope and God with others.” She earned an undergraduate degree in Biblical Studies, and she is currently a student at Gonzaga university, where she is completing a graduate degree in Theology & Leadership. In addition, she has taught adult Sunday School and Bible Study for over 20 years. Well trained and well read, Lori’s knowledge of the Bible—its stories, history, languages, and doctrine—shine through in every episode. Her humor and insight are sure to make the Bible feel familiar and applicable to the lives of any who read it and any who watch this latest Patheos video series.

Join us for “The Bible Brief” today and start finding meaning in the symbolically rich and purposeful stories of the Bible.

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