About Me

Welcome to Barefoot and Pregnant! My name is Calah Alexander. I’m very effusive and fairly emotionally unstable, so I blog about it, because it’s cheaper than therapy. And because I love writing. I also love Doctor Who, cooking while drinking, Salman Rushdie, crap teen lit, chocolate, the Oxford comma, and this guy

The Ogre

who hates having his picture taken

He also hates romance novels, abuses of MLA citation, the Beat poets, plagiarism, and fish for dinner. He loves James Joyce, a good Scotch, T.S. Eliot, martial arts movies, very rare steaks, Legos, and me. He’s very hairy, very brilliant, and very intimidating until he laughs.

Together we made

The Minions

 whose numbers keep mysteriously increasing. I used to think that was because we were faithful to the Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception, but the rest of the world seems to think it’s because we don’t have a TV. Either way, we seem to be building an army.

Contact Information

I love it when people comment on my site and I love having discussions in comment boxes. It certainly enriches the experience of blogging for me, and I suspect it does for many of my readers as well. But if you’d like to contact me personally for any reason, feel free to email me at barefootandpregnantblog@gmail.com.