How Christianity Can Help a Depressed Person

How Christianity Can Help a Depressed Person June 19, 2024

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While we should never forget to seek medical and psychological help from experts, we must never underestimate the value of faith in helping a depressed person.

My faith has helped me many times when I felt down. It helped me return to another perspective instead of focusing only on my current problems. Without faith, I don’t know what could have happened to me or how lost I would have been.

Below are just some of the ways Christianity can help a depressed person:

1. The thought that one is not alone in suffering.

One of the most painful thoughts is that of suffering alone. Even if you’re in the midst of a crowd or with family and friends, you may still feel alone.

For some reason, you may feel that the people around you can’t understand what you’re going through. You could also feel as though you want to protect them from being worried once they discover your troubles.

If you are feeling this way, remember that there is a compassionate God who sees you and can understand more than anyone else what you’re going through. Jesus Christ is Someone who knows what it’s like to suffer and to be abandoned. With Him, you are not alone.

2. Belief in the value of life

A pro-life stance prevents one from losing hope and opens the door towards healing and recovery.

Without belief in this, one can think that a difficult or a painful life is no longer worth living. After all, we’re inundated by messages from our society that stresses only amusement, comfort and happiness for a quality life.

But life is sacred. And even if we must suffer, we know that we can still live a meaningful life. For what kind of life is without any pain? Here on earth, we encounter various troubles. That doesn’t mean, however, that there isn’t any value to it. Life can be difficult, but it can still be beautiful.

We were made after God’s image and likeness. That is the source of our dignity. And that is the reason why our life is valuable.

3. A supportive community

Having other people to help you and pray for you in times of need is not only a source of comfort and strength but of true spiritual power.

The Christian faith is not a religion that isolates a person in practicing one’s religion. It is a faith that includes that community of believers.

The Church is Christ’s body on earth and we are all united as brothers and sisters in faith.

4. The power of prayer

Prayer is the doorway by which we enter God’s very presence. Through prayer, we find Him who loves us and cares for us most. In faith, prayer strengthens us and gives us hope.

When we pray, we can be honest with God and we are comforted that Someone is listening to us. We can also pray in silence as we, in turn, try to listen to Him.

Does He speak? We’ll never known unless we enter the door of prayer and silence the many voices that trouble us.

Prayer is not a tool we use to further lock ourselves within, but to transcend our loneliness as we reach for another. It helps us look to Him who can give us the grace to carry on.

5. The existence of miracles

While other people may scoff at the mere idea, miracles still happen and are often known as unexplained medical healing.

In Lourdes where the Virgin Mary appeared to St. Bernadette, countless people are healed despite their medical condition. Out of all such healing, there have already been 70 officially declared ones that were medically inexplicable, and as such, considered miraculous.

Do you need a miracle in your life today? God is the Healer who can restore our health, both physically and mentally. And He is the One who can cure the deepest wounds of our souls.

An Invitation in Times of Distress

If you are in a dark time right now, I urge you to consider reigniting your faith in God. You may not immediately hear Him or see Him. But you can talk to Him and open up your heart.

Tell Him everything. Your fears, your hurts, even your anger. He will understand. He already understands.

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