October New Moon Magic with added Scorpio

October New Moon Magic with added Scorpio October 27, 2016

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Sunday 30th October 2016 is a new moon moving from Libra into Scorpio so we have a Scorpio new moon the day before Samhain…

On a new moon I usually like to work out some new projects or tinker with ideas but as this new moon is so close to Samhain and it is in Scorpio it opens up some other quite powerful options.

I have chosen the word ‘reflection’ for my focus because it is definitely the right time of the year to honour our ancestors and those that have gone before us but also a good time to look back at what you have achieved over the past year.  Give yourself a pat on the back for those things that you have succeeded at and see what you can learn from those that didn’t go so well.   Do a bit of a life assessment and see what you want to do going forward…and obviously Samhain is excellent for divination of all kinds.

As the moon is in Scorpio that also offers up some interesting prospects…

Scorpio is tres sexy so let your dark side out of the cupboard and bring in the va va voom.  If you have liked someone for a long time…tell them…what do you have to lose?  If you are in a relationship work on what you can do to deepen the connection…although avoid being too over the top, you don’t want a restraining order.

Jealousy is such a Scorpio trait so you might want to take a peek at why you are feeling jealous or resentful, you don’t have to change who you are (coz that is darn near impossible) but accept that it is a part of your personality, acknowledge that sometimes the green eyed monster takes over and decide on what the best way for you to deal with it is…(safely obviously…).

The new moon in Scorpio is a good time ‘just let it go’…don’t hold onto negative stuff because all it really does is fester and you are the one that suffers, trust that karma will kick butt on your behalf.

Peer into your finances too, this is a good time to see what works for your money and what doesn’t.

Jump on the powerful Scorpio new moon energy and use it to your best advantage…


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