Messages from the Otherworld…or just mishaps?

Messages from the Otherworld…or just mishaps? August 3, 2017

Message from the Otherworld…or just mishaps?

We all have a ‘run of bad luck’ from time to time but is it just bad luck?   Maybe it is messages from the gods, the Otherworld, the angels *insert name of divine*?  How do you tell the difference?  Is there even a difference?

Recently I have had a few mishaps; it started with my bronze Merlin statue leaping from the bookshelf and hitting me in the face (yes it hurt).  If that wasn’t a message I don’t know what was.  The following day my Avalon candle made a bid for freedom from the altar and ended its life in pieces on the floor.  Now, I took this as a message.  The message being – occasionally I feel the need to visit Glastonbury and I hadn’t been for some time.  It felt that these two events were telling me to hurry up and get there.  (I will be doing so next week).

rachel patterson messages from the gods

But it continued…

Our relatively new car failed to start and we needed to call out an engineer who had to replace the battery.  The same week the air conditioning in the car failed and now needs to be re-filled.  A few days before the car threw a hissy fit, our bed frame sheared and we had to replace it.  Today…we found that the bath has a large crack along the bottom and will need replacing.

What to do?

These things could perhaps be put down to mishaps, wear and tear or just ‘stuff happens’.  But it does feel as if the Universe or the gods are a bit peed off with me at the moment.

Do I ponder what I have done and ask forgiveness?   Do I seek redemption?  Or just put it down in the ‘stuff happens’ category?

I do feel the two Avalon related incidents were a message to get my ass over to Glastonbury because it just felt that’s what it was.

The other stuff?

Well…things certainly do feel a bit hinky.   The energy doesn’t feel right.  Perhaps it is the Universe telling me to stop being so frivolous with money (I am, always have been, can’t seem to reign it in, putting it down to anything that I can use as an excuse…).  Although getting us to spend more money by breaking stuff doesn’t seem to be a sensible solution, but who am I to argue with the Universe?

Perhaps it is just a heap load of stuck negative energy.  I have attempted to counteract this today by smudging the whole house from bottom to top.   Fresh flowers have been placed on all my altars and lit candles in case it is the gods I have offended in some way.  The witch bottles in my house will be re-filled as well.

Ask da bosses

I shall also be spending some time in meditation with my deities to ask questions, if there is something I have done or haven’t done or maybe something they want me to do then I would prefer they tell me direct rather than trash the place.

Yes, I do think that on occasion things just happen.  Items wear out or things can break accidentally.  To have so many things go belly up in such a short space of time makes me feel there is an underlying reason.

New beginnings

The events have all involved something breaking and needing to be replaced so I am also seeing this period in time as one of endings and new beginnings.  Trying to focus on the positive that new beginnings are a good thing, I just wish they didn’t cost so much money!

I think the important thing is to try not to dwell on it.  Cleanse, clear out, make offerings and do whatever I can to set things straight.  Bringing positive energy in to drive out the negative.

Letter of apology

Dear Universe and the Gods, whatever I did (or didn’t do) I am truly sorry.  Please allow me to make amends and move forward…would baking you a cake help?

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