My Other Writings


  •  Minor things with the Maxwell Institute, a book review and a short article on Hebrew and negative rhetorical questions in the Book of Mormon, from my early days.
  • An exposition of Judah and Tamar in Genesis 38 in BYU’s Religious Educator journal, explaining the cultural background of why she disguises herself to sleep with her father-in-law after he mistreats her. Link.
  • An article enumerating four reasons why Bible translations differ, the role of the JST in understanding the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and how to study the Old Testament in depth, in Religious Educator. Not available from RE for another year, but here’s a PDF Link  and a longer summary at Times&Seasons. (Note, the current pdf has some minor errors in the footnotes which will be fixed in the print version. If I get the updated pdf, I’ll post it.)


  • My paper from the 2013 Mormon Theology Seminar on whether Adam is a proper name in Genesis 2-3 and the implications thereof. Recording of presentation here. The quality is not ideal, since I presented via Skype using a fast mobile internet connection, inside a parking garage, in Toledo, Spain.
  • My paper from the 2013 Society of Mormon Philosophy and Theology conference, with Atonement as the theme. I presented on the Israelite roots of common Atonement terminology, focused on Atone (priestly/cultic), Redeem (kinship/covenant), and Save (martial/victorious.)
  • My book on Genesis 1 has its own page.


I’ve blogged at various places. In most cases, the rosters, reputations, and orientations of these blogs have changed from when I was there, significantly in some cases.

  • Most recently at, which is where I first guest-posted in 2003.  All posts.
  • Before that, I helped run the Mormon portal here at Patheos, and blogged as well. All posts.
  • Prior to that, I blogged under a pseudonym with (what was at the time) mostly a group of LDS graduate students in Bible/Religion. All posts.
  • And prior to that, I wrote at The attribution system has had problems, so not all of my posts are attributed to me, and some that are attributed to me are attributed incorrectly. So, grain of salt with this link. All posts.
  • I also pseudonymously run a rarely updated website/blog on the LDS temple and temple preparation called MormonMonastery.

Most relevant for  Old Testament-

Best of?

Here, I pick a few of my best or most useful writings. Since I’ve been writing for ten years, there’s a lot of dross getting filtered out here.