Recommended Books

These are taken from my post here, where I comment on each book. These are all Amazon links, and you’re supporting me and my research by purchasing through these links.

Bibles (If you can only get one book, get one of these top two. A modern translation really helps.)

  • The New Revised Standard Version, or NRSV. This translation is available in a multitude of versions, including hardcover, and The New Oxford Annotated Bible with notes.
  •  The Jewish Study Bible. A translation and notes from an academic Jewish perspective.
  • NIV Study Bible This is a conservative Evangelical translation and notes, and is sometimes problematic (especially in the NT). I like comparing the Old Testament notes with those of the Jewish Study Bible above.

If you can only get two books, get a new Bible and a copy of Jehovah and the World of the Old Testament. This is a very good volume to come out of Deseret Book with lots of sidebars, pictures, etc., and is a good first intro to the Old Testament. See my review here.

The Short List
This is a list of general books that I wish every LDS would read to get some basic background, wrap their minds around the Israelite mindset, and how it differs so much from the modern world and Mormonism, and avoid so many problems we create for ourselves by approaching it from the wrong assumptions.


Academic Introductions
These tend to be used in a university intro courses and cover every book, talking about their background, authorship, history, and interpretation.


Who Wrote the Bible? (Or at least, Genesis-Deuteronomy?)


From Lesson 21

From Lesson 24