So I started a blog….

So I started a blog…. July 20, 2010

My fight. The fight God has called me to. Our fight.

If you know me at all, you know my life is most lived in a neighborhood in Fullerton, Ca. My husband and I have committed to intentionally walking through life with our neighbors with the hope that they will one day know the freedom of Christ. Often times, this means embracing the struggles of our neighbors as our own. There is one struggle that stands out from the others. Gangs suck. Drugs suck. Alcoholism sucks. But nothing makes life more difficult for our neighbors then our broken Immigration system. Maybe I have lost some of you now that I said it, but for those of you who are still reading, there are a couple things you should know:
1. I really do not wish to engage in any political debates about what is best for America. Honestly, I care way more about what is best for the Kingdom and humanity then I do about what is best for America. So if you disagree, that is more than fine….but realize this is where I am coming from.
2. I will unashamedly declare the compassion and love of Christ for all mankind, despite how uncomfortable it makes people.
3. Everything I write comes from my Christian and Biblical perspective.

4. Yes, I am “Pro Immigrant.” Even “Pro Illegal Immigrant.” Immigrants (even the Undocumented ones) are people, therefore God’s beloved creation, therefore my brothers and sisters, therefore I am called to love them (actually we all are), therefore I am “Pro Immigrant.” (Oh, and for the record, I am also Pro Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

So what will this be? This will be a collection of stories and experiences that continue to lead me towards depth with Christ: the stories of my friends and neighbors and their struggles to navigate the ever confusing and broken Immigration system in our country. These stories are why I care and why I fight.
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  • you are my hero

  • Matt Anderson

    This looks really good!! You are amazing and I am excited to read your stories (even though I live with you). Your passion and boldness is what I love so much, and I know others will be forced to begin to think through this issue after reading, whether they agree with you or not.

  • love your passion and your heart, Beth.. looking forward to your updates 😀 thanks for sharing this with us.. we need to learn.

  • Joann Anderson

    I love you and your views! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this blog. May our hearts and minds be more like His as we learn to love all people well. Keep the stories coming!!