Duality: Embracing the Gift of Choice for Divine Evolution

Duality: Embracing the Gift of Choice for Divine Evolution September 26, 2023

To demonstrate the dualistic nature of our reality.
Dualism as the seed of choice and creation / Photo courtesy of Canva

The journey towards spiritual enlightenment often revolves around escaping the confines of duality and reconnecting with the cosmic One. We invest considerable effort into merging with the source, striving to bask in the euphoria of absolute unity and belonging. What if this “escape” takes us away from Divine Evolution?

The Temptation of Unity

For years, I too believed that duality was the nemesis, the root of all global woes, and the Achilles’ heel of humanity. The idea of transcending our dualistic tendencies seemed to hold the key to unlocking our full potential and ushering in a utopian existence.

The Fear of Losing Identity

But is this ‘sacred singularity’ truly the panacea spiritualists proclaim it to be? I’ve been fortunate enough to merge with the Divine several times, albeit reluctantly at first. I feared losing myself, that my ego’s claim on identity would be obliterated, leaving nothing but a boundless void where ‘Mark’ used to be. Paradoxically, I yearned to unite with the entirety of existence even as I clung to my individuality.

The Profound Truth

However, these transcendental experiences unveiled a profound truth: we don’t forfeit our true selves; instead, we forge an energetic connection with everything around us. These moments became sacred, affirming that we are never truly alone. Even after we shed our earthly shells, remnants of our current existence persist, merging with the tapestry of the cosmos.

Duality Provides Contrast

As Dr. Gadbois expresses in her article, The Monad and the Law of One – Duality as a Singularity, we need duality to define who we are, to make choices and develop our character based on being able to say we are this or are not that. It requires the contrast of duality for us to make a choice and decide on what, and how we will express ourselves. Without duality, without polarity, there is no choice, there is no unique expression of self, and in essence, no self at all.

Embracing Duality as a Gift

One might assume that I advocate for abandoning duality in the pursuit of enlightenment. But the truth, as a friend once gifted me, is that this divine connection occurs at a higher spiritual plane, beyond our corporeal existence. Attempting to superimpose unity over the dualistic nature of our human journey creates dissonance, resulting in the anguish, grief, or profound unease often experienced on the spiritual path.

The Precious Gift: Choice

My experiences have shown that we are not meant to exile duality but to comprehend it as a precious gift, despite the accompanying challenges. This gift is among the few distinctive endowments to humanity: choice.

The Power of Choice

When we wholeheartedly embrace this gift, we transcend victimhood and seize control of our fate. There’s no ‘other’ to blame, no God or Spirit to implore or accuse when our desires go unmet. This abdicates our divine prerogative to shape and define our reality. Embracing choice requires us to inhabit the present moment fully. How frequently do we linger in the past or the future? Choice thrives exclusively in the now, constituting a fundamental test on this journey. It leaves no room for blame, no sanctuary for victimhood, compelling us to stand tall in our fully grown, divine selves, and accept responsibility for our life’s unfolding.

The Fear of Responsibility

This daunting prospect frightens many, causing them to cling tightly to the old paradigm, perceiving duality as a divisive force responsible for the world’s conflicts and ills. The prevailing sentiment is that if we could just unite with the sacred, as most religions and spiritual paths advocate, everything would be harmonious. But that’s not our earthly purpose. As I mentioned in a previous article, we are here to create, and creation necessitates choice, which in turn requires duality.

The Magnificent Gift

While dualism may appear as the root of malevolence, it is, in fact, the most magnificent gift bestowed upon us by the Divine. How will you employ this gift? How will your interactions with the world and your circumstances transform when you recognize that you wield the power of choice, perpetually shaping your reality? What if our choices, the catalysts of creation, are how the Sacred continually evolves itself? This process cannot occur within the singularity, where everything is interconnected. Imagination and choice stand as the two sacred tools gifted to humanity. Are you utilizing them to fulfill your purpose or as a means to evade responsibility?

The Path of Least Resistance

The path of least resistance is to assign blame, to play the victim. Recently, I experienced being let go from a job I held for almost sixteen years. The narrative I initially constructed was one of self-righteousness and victimhood, a tale where I was the hapless casualty of a grave injustice. Others mirrored this narrative, validating my victim mentality each time I recounted the story. However, the truth revealed itself differently.

Creating a New Reality

Over the past nine months, I’ve been envisioning, meditating, and summoning a new version of myself, one that fully embraces my purpose rather than retreating to the comfort of a faculty position at a large university. I’ve been reclaiming my authentic self, creating a space for it within my auric field. In hindsight, the reality about my job is that my collegiate self and spiritual work could no longer coexist once the energy of the ‘new me’ became the dominant energy I embodied. The university job had to make way for the new reality I had stepped into. From the human perspective, it may seem unjust, but my choices, imagination, and emotions regarding the ‘new me’ orchestrated this outcome. The same applies to each of us and our creative endeavors.

Shaping Our Reality

As tempting as it may be to spurn duality and label it as the malevolent force responsible for the world’s current state, it is imperative that we acknowledge our role in shaping reality. We must become the instruments of the Divine, creating and evolving ourselves anew.

What choices will you make today to embrace the gift of duality and shape your reality in alignment with your true purpose? The path to spiritual enlightenment is not one of escape but of transformation through choice in the present moment.


About Mark J. Platten
Mark J. Platten is the founder of Integral Human Initiative where he helps people find their passion, purpose, and path by integrates brain science, indigenous wisdom, rites/rituals/ceremonies, connection with nature, and current research to help others become the best version of themselves so they can give their gifts to the world. Mark's Amazon bestseller, "The Art of Connecting With Nature," is an anthology exploring how the contributors connect to nature through various rites, rituals, ceremonies, and practices. He is also a contributing author on four other Amazon #1 bestselling books, has presented three times at the Parliament of the Worlds Religions, is ordained in two traditions, and a high priest in a pagan tradition. On the academic/professional side, Mark has an MBA in Organizational Management, served seven years as an Air Force officer, worked internationally for 15 years, and since 2008 has been faculty at Colorado State University where he's received over 30 state and 20 national awards for his programs. You can read more about the author here.

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