Redeeming Administration

Redeeming Administration September 6, 2013

Over the last few years I have found my life gradually moving from doing ministry in a church setting to working in an office setting. This has been a shift. I used to lead groups on retreats out in the woods, play games with students, speak at conferences, collaborate with musicians around the liturgy, visit the sick and dying, preach, teach and outreach. Since becoming Catholic, however, things have changed. From my administrative role at the Catholic University of America to my new role in Catholic Relations at Bread for the World. I spend a lot more time in front of a computer reading e-mail then I do interacting with people face to face.

This is sometimes difficult for me. I miss the joy of seeing people’s lives change the grace of helping individuals encounter God in a new way. It’s hard to see answering e-mails as a ministry, but it can be (and it should be). One resource that I have recently read through that helped me with this is Redeeming Administration, by Ann M. Garrido. In this book Ann shares her own stuggles with making administration a holy work. There are 12 core values talked about:

1: Breadth of Vision
2: Generativity
3: Trust
4: Agape
5: Integrity
6: Humility
7: Courage
8: Reflection
9: Humor
10: Forgiveness
11: Embrace Death
12: Hope

For each one Ann talks about her own journey, offers some wisdom from her catholic faith, and shares the life of a saint that demonstrates this value in their own administrative work. I printed off the values and posted them on my wall by my computer to help me stay focused on this work as an act of love and ministry. Thanks Ann!

What are some ways that you all have found God in the midst of administrative tasks?

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