Why I take my children with me to Mass

Why I take my children with me to Mass July 13, 2015

church-188087_1280One of my pet peeves is going to a church where people pressure you to take your kids to a nursery to to children’s church. This was actually a big issue when I was a protestant. It is less of an issue in the Catholic Church. The reason I was bothered by it was because I feared that separating kids from worship would be detrimental to both the spiritual life of the children as well as to the broader life of the community. I have nothing against those who take special care to teach and care for the children in our Churches but it can become a serious issue when this care is taken to such an extreme that the Children are removed entirely of from participating in the primary corporate life of the community expressed in the liturgy of the Lord’s day.

This video sums it up fairly precisely…

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