Mourning and weeping

Mourning and weeping August 26, 2018

To say this has been a difficult month for those within the Catholic Church would be an understatement. I have dealt with a grief that comes in unexpected waves for weeks and every day it comes on stronger. I have had few words and fewer clear thoughts.

I have never had a strong connection with Mary, given my protestant upbringing and sensibilities.

In spite of that Mary has been my guide through this period. In her, I see the example of tears for the broken body of Christ. These tears have been a gift I have shared in every day since the revelations of McCarrick’s abuse and all the horrors unveiled in the weeks since.

This month an old favorite band of mine also released an EP.
One song, in particular, has been a balm. I wanted to share it just in case there are others who find themselves lost in this time.

Kyrie Eleison 

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