Fasting   February 27, 2020

Perhaps the most wellknown discipline of Lent is the practice of fasting. During Lent, people often choose to take a break from something. Over the years I’ve practiced fasting at different levels. Sometimes were rather extreme (e.g. only eating bread), while others were a little bit easier (e.g. cutting out sweets). In my own life, I have found that when I fast it offers daily opportunities to reflect and remind myself to turn my attention back to God. Each time I say “no” becomes a little “yes” to giving my heart and life to God. 

Fasting can be empowering. The intention during Lent is to connect your whole person to God. By fasting, you are creating space in your life, room to be turned around and pointed back toward God.  

The most common thing to remove is something we eat, but it doesn’t need to be limited to that. There are actions we can fast from, there are objects we can fast from, and there are spaces we can fast from. As we ease into Lent this week, think about whether you would like to try fasting. You may find that by giving up something small in your life, you can create space for God to do something big.  

He must increase, but I must decrease (John 3:30) 

Questions for Today

  • What things or habits take up room in your life that you may need a break from? 
  • Have you ever fasted before? What was your experience?


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