Leaning into Joseph’s life

Leaning into Joseph’s life March 19, 2020

For many Christians, March 19th is a special day to reflect on the life and example of Joseph, the husband of Mary, and guardian to Jesus. As a father of four boys, I often pray that God would give me the courage and humility that we read about in the life of Joseph.

Joseph is a silent figure in the Bible. We never hear him speak, but perhaps that is part of his strength. He is a man who is asked to do difficult things. He marries Mary in spite of the stigma that they surely faced. Under threat of death, he faithfully guides Mary and Jesus through their flight to Egypt. He faces huge challenges, and yet in spite of them, he never complains. Joseph doesn’t demand affirmation and he never laments his lot in life. Joseph simply rises to whatever is set before him and walks as a humble husband and father.

I can learn a great deal from this. In my own life when things get tough, I am too often liable to open my own mouth. I find all sorts of reasons to complain or to give excuses.

As we continue to reflect on loving people in difficult situations this week, Joseph shows us the way of humility. I pray we might all create lives of simple faith and service for those who God places in our lives.

Questions for Today

  1. What is one area of your life where you think God is calling you to be more like Joseph?
  2. What practice could you develop to live out humility and service each day?


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