Beginning with the End in Mind

Beginning with the End in Mind April 2, 2020

The Lenten journey is all about putting ourselves on a path to Easter. The goal is to help us take a step back from our regular patterns and practices so that there is room for God to move us and change us. We want to become people who look like Jesus in every way that we are able.
One key to making the most out of our practices is to take some time to map out the day ahead and ask yourself what would make this day successful.
This practice can be simple; it only involves prayerfully thinking about every task that is on your agenda and inviting God in. If we take time to give our daily tasks and meetings to God, I’ve found that God can do more to use those tasks and meetings as opportunities to grow spiritually and respond in love to unexpected twists and turns.

Here’s a list of questions you can use when preparing for each day:
• What are the meetings and scheduled tasks I am planning on doing today?
• How might each of these things offer an opportunity to live out my values as a Christian?
• Are there areas I feel I can invite God to have more of an impact in?
• What will success look like for me at the end of the day?

By beginning the day with prayerful attentiveness, you may find you are more attuned and prayerfully attentive to moments of God’s grace. When you take a moment and give it to God each day, you’ll be amazed with what God is able to do.

Questions of the Day
• Think about your upcoming day, and ask the questions listed above. Is there anything unexpected that you noticed when approaching your day with these questions?
• When during your morning could you make time to invite God into your day?

In all your ways be mindful of God, and God will make straight your paths.
(Proverbs 3:6)

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