Alvarez of Córdoba and the Way of the Cross

Alvarez of Córdoba and the Way of the Cross February 19, 2021


Sometimes the mystery of God can be seen in our everyday surroundings. This is the lesson that  Alvarez of Córdoba continues to teach millions of Christians each Lent. He is honored by the church today, and his most lasting legacy is the promotion of the Way of the Cross. He brought the devotional into the gardens, where he could place images to assist people in following the stations of Jesus’ journey to crucifixion. It created a way for normal Christians to participate in the ancient tradition of meditating on the Via Dolorosa without needing to travel all the way to the Holy Land to see it.

May we too see ways to bring the beauty of Jesus into the world we inhabit and may we too open the path for more people to experience the mysteries of Jesus in their everyday life.



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