Saint Teilo – Binding Dragons

Saint Teilo – Binding Dragons February 9, 2021


Today the church commemorates Saint Teilo, a leader among the Christian Church in Wales in the 6th century. Much of what was written about him is probably legendary. For example, one common story is that he bound a dragon to a rock at sea so that it would no longer torment the people of the land. Some pass over details like this, imagining that because they are fantastical they are not true. As a result, many of the contemporary lives of the saints are robbed of some of the most interesting accounts. I, however, prefer to keep these accounts as part of the story. Legends may not be historical, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t true. I believe there are still dragons that torment people today. I see it too often. Dragons of abuse, addiction, corruption, and injustice. Often these beasts can torment families for generations. I also believe in dragon slayers, I have been saved by a few in my own life. People who confront and bind dragons in themselves and in the world. I am glad we have saints like Teilo to serve as examples to us. Stain Teilo pray for us and all who fight with dragons.

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