Perpetua and Felicity – Love that is Stronger than Death

Perpetua and Felicity – Love that is Stronger than Death March 7, 2021

How firmly is your identity rooted in your faith?

It is said that the blood of the martyrs is is the seed of the Church. Throughout history men and women have suffered greatly for their faith. One of the earlier examples of this is recorded in the story of a young mother (Perpetua) and her pregnant servant (Felicity) who both heard the good news and were radically transformed by what they experience God was doing through Jesus and his Church. They longed to live the rest of their lives following in the way of Jesus and enrolled at catechumens in the church.

Before they were baptized, their faith was discovered. There was a persecution of Christians going on at the time and they were given an ultimatum. Deny Jesus or forfeit your life.

Perpetua refused to deny Christ saying, “I cannot call myself anything else than what I am, a Christian.”

She would not undermine her faith, her God, or even her own self. This is a powerful example of strength. Both Perpetua and Felicity suffered an unjust death at the hands of the Roman Empire as a result of the strength of their conviction. Yet, for nearly two millennia their life in Christ has continued to strengthen those who are being unjustly oppressed, manipulated, and abused. May we hold fast to who we are in Christ today.

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