Attention: Retraction on the “Release” of a new Race and the Priesthood Essay

Attention: Retraction on the “Release” of a new Race and the Priesthood Essay October 1, 2015

Yesterday I posted the release of an updated or revised Race and the Priesthood essay on I am very grateful that the Church is publishing this and other essays. However, I was mistaken in my post. In reality, while some edits were made to the essay, the changes were made approximately one year ago without fanfare. I posted thinking that the changes were new and they weren’t new. This was my mistake. I apologize for any difficulties my error may have caused the Church, those scholars that researched and contributed to the writing of this essay, and anyone that reads Civil Nations, other blogs that forwarded my post, or received my mistaken announcement in any other medium of communication. Please accept my apology. I thank your for your patience and understanding.

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