The Articles of Faith & Sikhs

The Articles of Faith & Sikhs December 20, 2015

Mormons have 13 Articles of Faith and Sikhs have 5 Articles of Faith. For Mormons that means thirteen clear and concise statements of belief. For Sikhs that means five physical articles that directly remind a very committed Sikh of their most cherished beliefs. The five Articles of Faith of Sikhism are:

Hair & Beard (not to be cut or trimmed)

Turban (a woman may wear a turban or a scarf as a head covering)


Sword (short)

Pant (usually worn as an undergarment)

A Sikh must go through an initiation process to be qualified to wear the five articles. Only very committed Sikhs enter this initiation. Perhaps it could be likened to a Mormon receiving one’s endowment in the temple.

The following story describes a Sikh serving the U.S. Army. He received an exemption (which are rarely granted) to wear his hair longer than military regulations allow. It is an interesting example of governmental accommodation of a religious practice. Knowing about the Articles of Faith in Sikhism (if, indeed, you did not know them before) may help to appreciate this story even more. I am glad such religious accommodations are made. Enjoy the read.


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